The Holocaust Historiography Project

An Italian Voice for Freedom

Now in its 17th year of publication, an impressive Italian journal, l'Uomo libero ("The Free Man"), has been a consistently intelligent and outspoken champion of free speech and intellectual inquiry, and a staunch defender of Europe’s cultural heritage. Editorial director is Mario Consoli, who is also a frequent contributor. The editor is Piero Sella, historian and author of several books.

Individual issues of this attractive intellectual quarterly are often thematically devoted to a particular cultural, political or historical subject. While previous issues have dealt with historical revisionism and the legal persecution in Europe of revisionists, a recent issue is entirely devoted to this subject.

This 128-page “Pluralism and Revisionism” issue of April 1996 (No. 41) includes a lengthy essay by Swiss educator and revisionist author Jürgen Graf, with a group photo of speakers (including Graf) at the Twelfth (1994) Conference of the Institute for Historical Review in Irvine, California. Also in this issue is a detailed revisionist bibliography of books and periodicals in the major European languages, including a listing of the contents of every issue of the IHR’s Journal of Historical Review.

As this special issue of l'Uomo libero demonstrates, dissident views of the Holocaust story are not (yet?) illegal in Italy — in contrast to the harsh persecution of revisionist “thought criminals” in France, Germany, Austria and a few other countries.

For further information, write: l'Uomo libero, Casella postale 1658, 20123 Milano, Italy.