The Holocaust Historiography Project

Why the Holocaust Must Remain a Dogma

by Mario Consoli

“The terms 'fascist' and 'Nazi' are today devoid of any real political or cultural content, and are instead insults used to bash an opponent — that is, anyone who dares oppose one-world and multi-racial democracy … Through the use of an incredible machinery to manipulate public opinion, the victors of the Second World War succeeded not only in preventing a resurgence of fascism and National Socialism, but also of the traditional cultural and spiritual values that have permeated the life of Europe for countless centuries.

“Here’s just how it’s done: Traditional European values, such as love of homeland and family, heroism, honesty, sense of duty and spirituality, are equated with fascism and Nazism, with Hitler and Mussolini. Once this equation is accepted, it is enough simply to activate anti-fascist propaganda to strangle any revival of the values that are dangerous for those in power.

“This labeling as evil of the Europe that was vanquished in the Second World War accomplishes much more than merely marginalize fascists and National Socialists. It discredits the entire system of values that has sustained for millennia a civilization of a greatness that is unique in history. Standing accused in the dock along with Mussolini and Hitler are Plato and Dante, Machiavelli and Nietzsche, Caesar and Napoleon, Rome and the Holy Roman Empire.

“… Since the Nuremberg Tribunal, the most effective instrument for criminalizing fascism and National Socialism has proven to be the charge of genocide of the Jews. Six Million — a round, horrifying figure. Men and women, elderly and infants, eliminated merely because they were Jews …

“Today the Holocaust is a lead weight meant for all time to tie down the feet of Germany and all of Europe … Any threadbare pretext will suffice at any time to start up talk of the Holocaust. With the passage of time, the propaganda offensive does not weaken, but grows ever more intense, and in ever more European countries special laws are promulgated to protect the Jewish 'truth' …

“The Holocaust must remain a myth, a dogma, sheltered from all revisionist and truthful scrutiny. The collapse of this dogma must inevitably call into question the entire current interpretation of contemporary history … This would finally make possible a really pluralistic debate about the future of Europe … and make possible the reintroduction of those values that, in opposition to one-worldism, restore to nations their right of identity and independence.”

Mario Consoli, editorial director of l'Uomo libero (Milan), in the “Pluralism and Revisionism” issue, No. 41, of April 1996.