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Eric Breindel on Journal Scholarship

“… There are serious scholars, or people you would find serious in the sense that they unearth new information, who publish in, for example, the Journal of the Institute for Historical Review, which dedicates itself to proving, for example, that the gas — there were no gas chambers at Nazi death camps. There has been scholarship, Christopher, in those journals. Let there be no doubt about it. They have uncovered train records that many of us who study this field didn’t know existed. They go to the actual archives …”

— Eric Breindel, New York Post editor and columnist, on the “Charlie Rose Show,” broadcast nationwide May 8, 1996, on the PBS network. He was speaking with Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens. Breindel, who is Jewish, is a staunch defender of Israel and Zionist interests, and a harsh critic of Holocaust revisionism.