The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac


A systematic study of the delousing and homicidal gas chambers of Bunkers 1 and 2 and of Krematorien I, II, III, IV, and V of the former KL Auschwitz Birkenau, and an investigation of the remaining traces of criminal activity.

Preface by Serge KLARSFELD. 12
Declaration by the Auschwitz State Museum. 14
PART ONE Delousing gas chambers and other disinfestation installations
CHAPTER 1: Foreword on Zyklon-B 15
CHAPTER 2: The Stammlager delousing installations:
I The two delousing chambers in Block 26
II The two gas chambers on the first floor of Block 3.
III The delousing gas chamber in Block 1
CHAPTER 3: The prussic acid delousing installation in the reception building of the main camp (Stammlager)
The 19 BOOS Zyklon-B gas chambers
CHAPTER 4: Kanada I and its clothing delousing installation, with the presentation of various gas chamber doors photographed after the liberation of the Auschwitz camp in 1945. 41
CHAPTER 5: The delousing and disinfestation installations of BW 5a and 5b, in KGL Birkenau 53
CHAPTER 6: The disinfestation installation of the Gypsy Camp in sector B.IIe of Birkenau 63
CHAPTER 7: The Birkenau “Zentral Sauna” with its disinfection autoclaves and Topf disinfestation ovens 65
PART TWO Foreword
List of contents of PMO files BW 30/1 to 30/46
CHAPTER 1: History of the Topf firm and its role at equipping the Auschwitz Birkenau Krematorien General description of the cremation furnaces produced by Messrs TOPF & SONS of Erfurt and that of the Trzebinia Labour Camp 93
CHAPTER 2: Krematorium I or the “old crematorium” of the main camp (Auschwitz, Stammlager) 123
CHAPTER 3: Bunker I or the “red house” and its supposed mass graves 161
CHAPTER 4: Bunker 2 (subsequently renamed Bunker V) or the “white house” and its undressing huts 171
CHAPTER 5: Krematorien II and III
Plans, construction, and general study
CHAPTER 6: The ventilation systems of Krematorien II and III 355
CHAPTER 7: Krematorien IV and V
Plans, construction, and general study.
CHAPTER 8: “One proof … one single proof”: Thirty nine criminal traces 429
PART THREE Testimonies
CHAPTER 1: Critical examination of the “WAR REFUGEE BOARD” Report on KL Auschwitz Birkenau of November 1944 459
CHAPTER 2: Critical examination of the testimonies of Doctors BENDEL and NYISZLI concerning the Birkenau Krematorien and homicide gassings 469
CHAPTER 3: The deposition made on 24th May 1945 by Henryk TAUBER, former member of the Sonderkommando of Krematorien I, II, IV and V. 481
PART FOUR Auschwitz and the revisionists
CHAPTER 1: Auschwitz explained by the revisionists :
“Vergasungskeller”, gassing cellar or gas generating cellar?
CHAPTER 2: Auschwitz according to the revisionists:
Photographic exhibition of the famous holiday camp, KL Auschwitz, and “presentation” photographs by the Bauleitung
PART FIVE The unrealised future of K.L. Auschwitz: Birkenau
CHAPTER 1: The aborted future of the Stammlager without extermination 517
CHAPTER 2: Birkenau 1945: the extermination station. 533
(The personal experiences that led him to undertake this study)