The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 12/II
Page 198

Translation of page 46:
Because of the extreme urgency, the above mentioned work has already been allocated to the firms. subject to approval by the competent service. The contracts will be concluded on receipt of this authorization.

Regarding 1) and 2)

As regards the POW camp construction work, it was necessary to start at once in October 1941 on special contract. The construction order was given by Zl. II B So 8/3/Se/Lo of 1/11/41.

In view of the urgency of the work, the normal call for tenders procedure was not followed, because in any case Huta, Civil Engineers. and Lenz & Co. Industrial Builders, both of Kattowitz, were the only firms we were able to find who would be able start immediately, and who, at the same time had available the vast amount of equipment necessary, such as portable packs, excavators, cement mixers and other machinery.

The orders for the work were given verbally, to Huta on 4th and 6/10/41 and to Lenz on 8/10/41, with the instruction to commence construction work immediately. Both firms declared that they could not make a firm estimate at the beginning of the job because they did not know the conditions of work within the camp. and in particular the capacities of the prisoners to be employed.

The estimates subsequently submitted have been checked and found to be in accordance with local usage.

Regarding 3)

As regards the construction of the new crematorium building, it was necessary to start immediately in July 1942 because of the situation caused by the special actions, The firms Huta, Civil Engineers, Kattowitz Friedrichstraße 19, and Lenz & Co, Industrial Builders, Kattowitz, Grundmannstraße 23, were