The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 12/III
Document 12/III

Translation of page 47:
invited to tender, as they were already working in the POW camp.

According to their letter of 15/7/42, Messrs Lenz & Co declined to tender because of a shortage of labour. For this reason, Huta was asked to commence work immediately on the basis of their tender of 13/7/42.

The Central Construction Management requests your approval and the return of the enclosed original estimates with a view to concluding the contracts.
Head of the Waffen SS and Police
Constriction Management Auschwitz

[signed] Bischoff
SS Captain
Copy to:
Waffen SS Construction Inspectorate
For the Eastern Reich

[This document comes from a file probably containing about one hundred originals and copies in German and Russian and various letters taken from KL Auschwitz Birkenau by the Soviets in January/February 1945. The letters were subsequently bound together. Microfilm M 26 kept in the Archives of the High Commission for the Examination of Hitlerite Crimes in Poland, in Warsaw, shows part of these. PMO file BW 30/27 of 41 pages (microfilm 130) contains photographs of these documents, including several letters identical to those on microfilm M 26. The entire Soviet file is not known to us at present, but in the author’s opinion all the essential documents have been communicated, for it is always the same ones that are photographed and produced .]