The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 12/1
["October Revolution” Central State Archives in Moscow, microfilm no. 295,
collection no. 7021, description no. 108 and deposit no. 32, pages 45, 46, and 47]
Page 197

Translation of page 45:
13th October 1942
Correspondence register no. 16093 /42/Ja/Mh

Subject: Award of contract for construction work in the construction work in the Waffen SS
prisoner of war camp at Auschwitz, Upper Silesia
Reference: None
Enclosures: 14

SS Economic and Administrative Head Office
Head of Office C/III
Berlin Lichterfelde West
Unter den Eichen 126 135

Enclosed please find the following estimates, with request for authorization to conclude contract:
1) Estimate of 27/1/42, tender of Huta, Civil Engineers, Kattowitz, Friedrichstraße 19, with 9 annexes, for a total of RM 227 321.59
2) Estimate of Messrs Lenz & Co. Industrial Builders, Kattowitz, Grundmannstraße 23. i.e.:
Estimate no 1 of 31/12/41 amounting to RM 145 543.70
with a supplement of 7/7/42 of RM 406.40
Estimate no 2 of 7/7/42 amounting to RM 53 854.98
3) Estimate of 13/7/42 for the construction of the new crematorium according to the tender by Huta, Civil Engineers, Kattowitz, Friedrichstraße 19 amounting to RM 133 756.65