The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 11
[PMO file BW 2/16, neg no 21135/11]

Drawing for estimation purposes by Lenz & CO (Schlesische Indistriebau Lenz & Co AG) of Kattowitz showing an accommodation block of the brick built type erected in construction stage I of Birkenau. The drawing is not dated but was received by the Auschwitz Bauleitung on 7th January 1943.
Document 11

Translation of inscriptions:
· Abrechningszeichnung betr. Wohnbarackenbau im KGL Auschwitz /
Estimation drawing of accommodation block in Auschwitz POW camp [in fact Birkenau]
· (Detaile siehe Massenberechnung) /
(For details see quantity estimate)
· Schnitt / Section
· Grundriß / Plan view
· Fundamentp[l]an / Plan of foundations
· Querschnitt / Cross section