The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 41
Photo 41:
[PMO neg. no. 20995/480]
Exit doors on the clean side of the disinfestation chambers (probably 3 and 4), with a trolley load of clothing being removed. The peepholes in the doors could be closed by raising the flap and blocking it with a catch. These were probably opened at the end of a disinfestation cycle to allow fresh air to enter as soon as the extractor fans were switched on. The good quality blankets, reserved for “prominent” prisoners. appear to have been classified as “heavy” and were hence disinfested by hot air (one is visible on the trolley). Above left, an extractor fan switch.
Photo 42 Photo 42
Photos 42 and 43:
Present state of one half of the double doors of one of the Topf disinfestation chambers left lying in the Zentral Sauna, exterior (Photo 42) and interior (43). Photo 43 shows the crude construction of a wooden frame covered with strong cardboard and faced with metal (Photo 42).
Photo 43 Photo 43