The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 10 Document 10
Document 10:
Photograph [PMO microfilm No 205/44], taken in the Auschwitz Bauhof in 1945, showing clothes hooks and wooden benches taken from the undressing rooms of Krematorien II and III. The bench in the foreground came from round one of the concrete central supporting pillars :and the one behind was from one of the side walls. In the background on the right, a stack of benches from the side walls.

Document 11 Document 11
Document 11:
Photograph of the exterior of a gas-tight door [Warsaw Central Commission Archives, ref. 23]

Warsaw Central Commission Archives photographs refs. 17 (below)and 23 (above) were taken at the Auschwitz “Bauhof” ("builder’s yard” for new and recuperated building materials) and show recto and verso of a gas-tight door which certainly belonged to a homicidal gas chamber in one of the four Birkenau Krematorien. The proof of its criminal use is the presence of a heavy hemispherical grid PROTECTING THE PEEPHOLE ON THE INSIDE.

Document 12 Document 12
Document 12:
Photograph of the interior of a gas-tight door [Warsaw Central Commission Archives, ref. 17]

Document 13 Document 13
Document 13:
Detail of the interior of the gas-tight door found in the Bauhof in 1945: the hemispherical grid protecting the inspection peep-hole. [Warsaw Central Commission Archives. ref 40]