The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 7 Photos 7 and 8
[Nos. 181 and 188 of "L'Album d'Auschwitz" by S. Klarsfeld]

The provisional baggage depot (6). These two photos were taken one after the other. Photo 8 shows the entrance to hut 5, in the background on the left, hut 4 and the nose of the truck in Photo 4. In the middleground of Photo 7, the brick building (9) with the number 164. On the extreme left the entrance to the delousing gas chamber, with the gastight door open. Above the ladder leaning against the wall is the (or one of the) extractor fan(s) for removing the hydrocyanic gas. To the side, most probably the fan motor switches.
Photo 8
Photo 9 Photo 9:
[No. 180 of “L'Album d'Auschwitz” by S. Klarsfeld]

Unloading linen and clothing to be deloused outside the gas chamber with the gas-tight door open. The ventilator is clearly visible above the ladder.
Photo 9 Photo 10
[No. 178 of “L'Album d'Auschwitz” by S. Klarsfeld]

The same scene a few moments later, the photographer being against the wall of building 164. In The background huts 1 and 2 with a lamp for night work on the end of hut 1.