The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 3 Photo 3:
[No. 175 in “L'Album d'Auschwitz” by S. Klarsfeld]

The arrival of trucks loaded with effects. They will be unloaded around the only post fitted with a lamp for night work. This post is in front of the south side of hut 5.
Photo 4 Photo 4:
[No. 182 in “L'Album d'Auschwitz" by S. Klarsfeld] Unloading of effects and initial rough sorting under the watchful eye of the SS. On the left, hut 5, in the background the brick dispatch building. (7)
Photo 5 Photo 5:
[No. 187 in “L'Album d'Auschwitz” by S. Klarsfeld]

On the left hut 4 on the right hut 5. On the yard behind building 164, that contained the gas chamber, non-textile objects are being sorted
Photo 6 Photo 6:
[No. 190 in "L'Album d'Auschwitz" by S. Klarsfeld]

Sorting deloused linen at the end of the yard between huts 1 and 2 (to the right). Just below the roof of hut 2, wooden blocks that supported the awning that was once there. Behind the photographer and visible only on Photo 10 is the awning of hut 1, not removed like that of hut 2.