The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 9 Photo 9
[PMO neg. no. 20995/509]

Photo 9
Photo 9a

Photo 9
[PMO neg. no. 20995/509]
The south side and east end of Krematorium IV in mid April 1943. shortly after it was officially handed on 22nd March. The soot on the south face of the chimneys shows that the two 4-muffle half furnaces had already been operating and that the prevailing wind blew front the north. The openings in the east end have been modified to conform to drawing 2036 and the tops of the coke store walls have been modified to fit the slope of the roof.

There should be some additions to the labels on the photograph: On the east end
· the access door. blocked by a metal bar:
On the south side:
· at the end of the coke store: the two openings for coke deliveries;
· between the doctor’s room and the western part: window of the coal store for the stoves.

Translation of inscriptions
(from left to right):
· Le Krematorium IV ou BW 30b /
Krematorium IV or BW 30b
· Façades est et sud, avril 1943 /
South side and east end, April 1943
· (livré par la Bauteilung en état de marche le 22 mars 1943 /
(handed over by the Bauleitung in working order on 22 March 1943)
· Chambres à gaz /
Gas chambers
· Porte étanche au gaz /
Gas-tight door
· Pièce du “médecin” /
“Doctor’s” room.
· Lucarnes éclairant le vestiaire/morgue /
Small windows lighting the undressing room/morgue
· Sas / Air lock
· Cokerie / Coke store
· Salle du four à 8-creusets d'incinération / Furnace room with its 8 cremation mufles
· WC et lavabos / WC and washroom
· Pièce des SS / SS room