The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
BAULEITUNG DRAWING 1173 1174 OF 15/1/42
The first drawing, 1173 1174(p) Polish] comes from the PMO Archives, file BW 30/08, neg. no. 17812 and 20818/9

The second drawing, 1173 1174(r) [Russian] comes from the “October Revolution” Central State Archives in Moscow.

General title: “Entwurf für das Krematorium / Project for the Krematorium”
Krematorium [Birkenau Krematorium II, BW 30], scale 1:100
Drawn on 15/1/42 by SS Sergeant Ulmer,
checked on 28/1/42 by SS Second Lieutenant Dejaco and
approved by SS Captain Bischoff. [Approval not dated, but also of 28/1/42]

1174: Längsschnitt durch den unterkellerten Teil / longitudinal section of the basemented part [left hand side].

1173 : Schnitt durch Leichenkeller 1 mit Be und Entlüftungskanälen / Cross section of Leichenkeller 1 with ventilation and air extraction ducts [right hand side].