The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 24
[PMO file BW 30/34, page 105]
Document 24

[Manuscript] BW 30 Krema I
Correspondence register no. /43/Kirschneck/Lp
Auschwitz, 29/1/43
Summary Report
[Manuscript] Invalid!
As a result of this morning’s conversation with the Bauleitung and the subsequent inspection of Krematorien II, III, IV and V, the following completion dates were agreed upon, and can in my opinion be respected.

Krematorium II

In this complex, I observed that the building with the furnace room and its ancillary rooms is entirety completed, as is the large corpse cellar 1.

Corpse cellar 2 is completed as far as possible apart from removal of the formwork for the ceiling, work which depends on there being no frost. The 5 3-muffle incineration furnaces are ready and are at present being warmed through for drying. The electrical connections for the pulsed air blower motors forming part of the furnace installation are at present being installed [by the Topf fitter, Messing]. The three big [suction type] forced draught installations in the chimneys are in place and ready to operate. Here again, the electrical connections for the motors are being installed [by Messing].

The corpse hoist is being installed on a temporary basis [awaiting delivery of an electric lift].

The ventilation and air extraction systems for the corpse cellars have not yet arrived due to the blockage of wagons, which was only lifted a few days ago. The wagons are now moving again and this material is expected any day. They can be installed in about 10 days. It will therefore certainly be possible to bring Krematorium II completely into service on 13/2/43. The waste incinerator installed in this complex of buildings will be completed in the next few days. The annex construction housing this incinerator is already completed.
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