The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 16/II

Document 16/II
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4) The components of a double muffle incineration furnace have been sent by error to Auschwitz by Topf & Sons, whereas they were in fact intended for Mauthausen.
[Manuscript note in the margin]:
Furnace going back to Mauthausen! Ertl 24/8
Engineer Prüfer suggests installing the furnace here. The 2 charging doors and the 2 ash removal doors that are missing could be borrowed in the meantime from the consignment of 5 3 muffle cremation furnaces.
5) The damage to the new brickwork of the chimney for the existing Krematorium [Kr I in the Stammlager] was examined by Herr Kohler and SS Sergeant Kirschne[c]k who discussed what measures to take. As the chimney lining works because of the great heat, it must be free in the upper part and not firmly bonded to the external brickwork.
6) On Thursday 20th August 1942, the worksite for the 5 3 muffle furnaces in the POW camp [BW 30] was visited by SS Corporal Janisch and Herr Kohler and the necessary details were discussed.
7) Eng. Prüfer requested a written order for the delivery of the 2 3 muffle furnaces and the double muffle incineration furnace and a rapid decision on whether the furnaces are to be taken from the consignment attended for Mogilew.
[Manuscript note in the margin]:
24/8/42 Given to Prüfer:
1. Agreed
2. the two 8 muffle furnaces can be taken from the Mogilew consignment (in accordance with
the instructions of Head of Service SS Major Lenade)
Ertl 24/8
8) 10 transport authorizations are to be immediately sent to Topf & Sons for delivery of the refractory and other missing materials.
[signed Ertl]
SS Second Lieutenant (Specialist)
Sighted by:
[initialed Bischoff]
SS Captain (Specialist)

Auschwitz, 21st August 1942

[This new 4 muffle furnace could he twinned to give an 8 muffle furnace. It was probably designed by Prüfer in November 1941. Himmler ordered four pairs from Topf at the beginning of December 1941 for the Mogilew camp (located in the Soviet Union, 200 km East of Minsk). This deal was known as the “Mogilew Contract”.]