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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 16/I

Document 16/I
[PMO file BW 30/27, pages 13 and 14]
Correspondence register no. 12115/42/Er/Ha
Summary record
Subject: Visit of Chief Engineer Prüfer, of Messrs Topf & Sons of Erfurt regarding the construction of incineration installations at Auschwitz POW camp [Birkenau].
Proceedings: Herr Eng. Prüfer came to our office on 19/8/42 at 2 pm in order to discuss details of the installation of 5 3 muffle incineration furnaces in the POW camp Krematorium and a new type of simplified installation of 2 3 muffle furnaces, as shown on drawings D 59,570 and D 59,599.
The following was agreed:
1) The fitter [Martin] Holi[c]k will arrive here from Buchenwald not later than 26th or 27th August and fitter [Willi] Koch in about 14 days. The construction of the 5 3 muffle furnaces will commence immediately. Messrs Köhler [or Koehler] of Myslowitz will line the furnaces and the flues and will erect the chimney in accordance with Topf & Sons drawings and instructions.
2) Regarding the installation of each of the 2 3 muffle furnaces near the “bathing installation for special actions”, Engineer Prüfer suggested that these furnaces should be taken from a consignment already prepared for shipment to Mogilew. The Head of the appropriate service of the SS Economic and Administrative Head Office in Berlin [SS WVHA] was immediately informed by telephone and requested to take the appropriate steps.
3) Regarding the construction of a 2nd crematorium with 5 3 muffle furnaces, together with the ventilation and air extraction systems, it will be necessary to await the result of negotiations already under way with the Reich Security Main Office [RSHA] on the subject of rationed materials.
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