The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 9

Document 9:

Sketch by David Olère dating from 1945 and representing Bunker V in summer 1944, reactivated and operating as a gas chamber.
This mental snapshot drawn by D. Olère is a view of the southwest corner of Bunker V. [On Drawing 1I have shown in red dotted lines the angle of view for this picture.]

Inexact details:
· The hilly nature of the terrain. Reacting against the monotonous flatness of Birkenau, David Olère, in some of his drawings, has introduced a hilly landscape, clearly for artistic reasons only.
· The orientation of the hut on the right. We should see the entrance not on the side.
· The house in the background on the right is probably a reminder of Bunker I, which no longer existed n 1944.
Exact details:
· The relative positions of the ditch. Bunker V and an undressing — hut are well respected though they arc shown somewhat too close together
· The positions of the door and the opening for introducing the gas in the west corner of Bunker V are also correct.
· The hut is of the stable type
· Part of the north-west wall was indeed set back as shown by the ruins, but in the reverse direction.
· There was still a tree in front of Bunker V in 1982, of identical shape, a striking coincidence as forty years later it is not the same tree.
This scene recorded a year after the events by D. Olère is of such remarkable precision as to be almost as good as a photograph.