The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
a) File BW 11/1: (15 documents)
1. Letter of 24/9/41 from Topf to Bauleitung
2. Topf operating instructions for the forced draught installation
3. Topf operating instructions for the double muffle furnace
4. Letter of 9/12/41 from Topf to Bauleitung (page 1)
5. Letter of 9/12/41 from Topf (page 2)
6. Letter of 10/12/41 from Topf to Bauleitung
7. Letter of 5/1/42 from Topf to Bauleitung
8. Copy of letter of 5/1/42 from Bauleitung (Teichmann/Ertl) to Topf
9. Manuscript draft of the above [5/1/42]
10. Copy of letter of 8/1/42 from Bauleitung (Teichmann/Bischoff) to Topf
11. Letter of 9/1/42 from Topf to Bauleitung
12. Copy of letter of 2/4/42 from Bauleitung (Dejaco/Bischoff) to Topf
13. Inventory of the water supply and drainage installations in the air raid shelter (old Krematorium) BW 14 on 22/12/44 (Jentsch/Reichwein)
14. Blank Bauleitung invoice of 1941
15. Identical to the above [1941]
b) File BW 11/2: (three drawings, numbered 16, 17,18)
16. Copy of Topf drawing D59042 [a] made by the Central Commission for the Investigation of Hitlerite Crimes in Poland
17. Topf drawing D59042 [a] of 25/9/41
18. Topf drawing D59042 [b] of 25/9/41
c) File BW 11/3: (two drawings, numbered 19a and 19b)
l9a. Bauleitung drawing 4287 of 21/9/44
19b. Bauleitung drawing 4287 of 21/9/44 [drainage]
d) File BW 11/4: (three documents)
1. Handwritten note of a list in four copies of rationed materials required for the air raid shelter, BW 14, dated 6th and 14th November 1944
1a. Verso of the above, list of sanitary equipment required, iron and zinc, on 4th November [44]
2. Note of non ferrous metal requirements, drawn upon on 6th November 1944 by the Bauleitung and concerning the sanitary installations of BW 14 (Jentsch/Reichwein)
3. Note of iron requirements, drawn up on Bauleitung 6th November 1944 by the Bauleitung, concerning the sanitary installations of BW 14 (Jentsch/Reichwein)
e) File BW 11/5: (six documents)
1. Topf recapitulatory report of the work carried out in Krematorium I, dated 1st June 1942
2. Duplicate of the above
3. Order from the camp administration to its Bauleitung for repairs to Krematorium I, dated 13th May 1942, with notes by Bischoff on the l9th and Lubitz on the 20th
3a. Verso of the above with the delivery conditions
4. Typed copy of the administration order of 13th May 1942
5. Handwritten recapitutatory letter from the chief bricklayer capo listing the work carried out at Krematorium I, countersigned by a Topf official, dated 20th May 1942 [page 1]
6. Handwritten recapitulatory letter of 20th May 1942 [page 2]
f) File BW 14:
(This file contains the correspondence concerning work on the SS hospital and the air raid shelter undertaken in September 1944. It also contains a drawing of the old Krematorium transformed into an air raid shelter, Bauleitung drawing 4287 of 21/9/44. This drawing in file BW 14 has no page or photograph reference number as it is already classified elsewhere.)

Document K

Document K:
[PMO neg. 20931/4]
Author’s 1:1 tracing of part of a drawing of the Auschwitz main camp (Stammlager) development plan, drawn in Berlin on 19th February 1942 by Office C I of the Economic Administration Head Office.

Translation of inscriptions:
· Altes Krematorium / old crematorium
· Wohnung Kommandant/ Commandant’s house
· Sola Fluss / Sola river
· Kasernenbereich / troop barracks
· Wirtsch[afts] Gebäude / domestic offices
· Garagen / garages
· Bauleitung / construction management
· Provisorische Kindergarten / provisional kindergarten
· Lageplanskizze / location drawing
· Maßstab/ scale
This drawing shows the location of a new crematorium to be built on a southeast, or roughly south, extension of the building line of the old crematorium, planned by the SS Economic Administration Head Office in Berlin and drawn on 19th February 1942.