The Holocaust Historiography Project

A Straight Look at the Third Reich Part III

Hitler and National Socialism, How Right? How Wrong?

by Austin J. App, Ph.D.


This Morgenthau-inspired Allied paganism of employing German P.O.W. as “forced labor outside Germany” resulted in the starvation and abuse-unto-death of possibly several million German P.O.W. Britain, more so France, less so but also the U.S., got into the act of slave-laboring German prisoners of war instead of living up to the Geneva and Hague rules of land warfare. But of course, Christians at their worst, are not as barbarous as Communists and Jews at their average. The real savage and abuse-unto-death of German prisoners of war occurred in Soviet Russia as prescribed by the Jewish U.S. Morgenthau Plan.

Nor can the Allies use as an alibi that Nazi Germany treated its P.O.W. badly or in violation of the Geneva Conventions of 1929 and 1932. On March 17, 1945, our War Department declared, “For the most part, the Germans have abided by the Geneva Convention regarding prisoners of war.” George C. Marshall, when an American Legion Commander demanded brutal treatment of German P.O.W., on January 5, 1945, answered that we are bound by the Geneva Conventions “and our soldiers in German hands receive generally reciprocal treatment” (National Legionnaire, February 1945).


As soon as the “wicked” Nazis had freed Allied P.O.W., the Allies, all of them, started abusing, starving, over-working their prisoners of war. The U.S. kept only 300,000 and, to its everlasting shame, delivered 100,000 a month to the French for abuse. They had also refused to accept the surrender of millions of German soldiers, in order to betray them, instead, to Soviet Russian slave labor! On June 1, 1946, Pope Pius XII for the second time deplored “the hundreds of thousands of men still held prisoners.” Their rights “cry to heaven … and demand that an end be put to this regime of prisoner of war and concentration camps.” Christians in this country agreed — and protested. The Chicago Tribune, in an editorial, “Uncle Sam: Slave Dealer” (February 20, 1946), wrote: “The United States, by turning over the prisoners (to France and Britain) becomes a common slave dealer … There has never been in the history of Christian civilization a parallel to the actions against its conquered enemies of which this nation has been guilty.”


I ask, do the slave-laboring, P.O.W.-trading Allied barbarians of 1945 have a moral right to judge German National Socialism, to ban and forbid it in every form for all eternity? I say they do not have that right. They have more of a duty to hang themselves as war criminals!

Our army, its leaders generally having been civilized, on V-E Day “informed its German prisoners that the Geneva Convention called for their repatriation as soon as feasible after the end of hostilities” (Newsweek, May 21, 1945). That is what our army and our Christian citizens wanted and would have done. What prevented this humanity was the tribalists that keep screeching the lie that the Germans “gassed” 6,000,000 of them. It was the Jews who kept screaming for abusing German prisoners of war, for keeping them from home, for slave-laboring them. Walter Winchell, the most influential of all the Jewish genocidists at the time, lumping all German P.O.W. together as Nazis, screeched:

“Sending back healthy Nazis to live in Germany is an insult to living and dead American soldiers. Those Nazi prisoners deserve to be put behind bars for the rest of their Ignoble lives — like all vicious and hardened criminals.”

San Antonio Light, May 30, 1945


There is the voice of the Talmudists, the barbarians of the Morgenthau Plan! These were the voices that made America guilty of vindictive peace ranking, in comparison to which all the peace-making of the National Socialists was reasonable and humane. After this Jewish blast from Winchell, the Army quailed and started to abuse its 300,000 German P.O.W. and to slave-labor them. Only after September 6, 1946, did Secretary of State James Byrne, a Christian, not a Morgenthauist, declare that the U.S. is finally “taking prompt steps to return German prisoners of war in our custody …”

But our slave-laboring for a year and a half signaled a green light to the top barbarians of our time, the Soviet Russians to labor to death millions. One year after Unconditional Surrender, a Berlin AP Dispatch, May 18, 1946, reported that 1,500,000 German P.O.W. were still missing in Soviet Russia! Whereas 99% of American P.O.W. in Germany were returned safe and sound in a matter of weeks, that is what Morgenthauism, as Winchell wanted it, encouraged Moscow to do!


Aloisius Cardinal Muench, then bishop of Fargo, North Dakota, wrote, “The forced migration of millions of people is the greatest crime of this age. There is nothing in all history to equal it.” Even Churchill, fellow conspirator of it, at last called it a “Tragedy on a prodigious scale.” That was the total robbery and the bludgeoning to death of 20% and expulsion from lands they and their fathers had cultivated for seven to eight centuries! It was the greatest mass atrocity in history — and it was precipitated by Truman, Attlee, and Stalin at the Moscow Conference! Truman and Attlee, however, merely confirmed what Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin had conspired at Yalta!

Ironically, at the very time the Nuremberg legal lynchers were prosecuting Germans who allegedly, “forcibly deported inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and introduced thousands of German colonists,” the Big Three at Potsdam ordered:

“That the transfer to Germany of German populations or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, will have to be undertaken.” This enforced, and shockingly brutal “transfer” involved millions of innocent Germans (against whom no charges were ever leveled), in comparison to a relatively orderly transfer by Nazis of, not millions, but by the Allies own admission of only thousands. Such a transfer, really an exchange of thousands, has long had international sanction. It especially happened a lot in the Balkans after World War I. It involved a transfer, and exchange, of habitat and of property, not a total robbery!

But the Potsdam order opened the sluice-gates to the most massive, totally unprincipled robbery, expulsion and murder in the pages of history. It precipitated the robbery and expulsion of 15,000,000, not thousands, and the bludgeoning, raping, and freezing to death of 2,500,000 men, women, and children from East Germany and Czechoslovakia, plus a half million from the Balkans, chiefly from Tito's Yugoslavia!


After World War I, such mass expulsions were not even thought of. When the Versailles peace dictators handed the Germans of Danzig and the Corridor to Poland they did not even dream of expelling these ancient German natives; nor when they handed a quarter of a million South Tyrolese Germans over to Italy, nor three and a half-million Sudeten Germans to Czechoslovakia, they did not for a moment think of instituting a mass expulsion atrocity which even surpassed the worst committed by Pagans.

Who put this atrocity principle into their heads and made it acceptable? Why the same Talmudists who try to cover up their atrocity tracks by yammering that the Nazis “gassed” 6,000,000 Jews! Their conspiratorial blueprints for atrocity against the Germans, affecting mostly not the Nazis but the Christian Germans, are so frightful, so brutal, so genocidic to millions and millions of innocents that they have to try with lies and deceptions, and half-truths and swindles, as that of the 6,000,000, to cover their tracks. They were at the bottom of every mass atrocity that made the peace of Yalta and Potsdam, as Time Magazine called it, “history's most terrifying peace!” It is the peace which in the Atlantic Charter, in 1941, had been prophesied as the most humane!


The Potsdam official order for the mass atrocity of total robbery and expulsion got its birth and its sanction in the Morgenthau Plan. In this Morgenthau, Baruch, and Communist Harry Dexter White demanded that the millions of peaceful inhabitants of the Ruhr, Germany's most industrialized area, be totally robbed, their mines and factories destroyed, and then clubbed into southern Germany, there, by implication, to starve to death. At Quebec, Morgenthau got Roosevelt to make this plan official, and both bribed Churchill, who at first resisted, into adopting it. In England, Morgenthau got Eisenhower to approve it, salving his conscience by passing all Germans off as “paranoiacs!” According to Robert Welsh (The Politician, p. 26) it was “just one man, James Forrestal (whom the Communists later, either directly or indirectly murdered), “who prevented Eisenhower and his Communist pushers” from destroying Germany forever with the Morgenthau Plan.


The Potsdam Conference elevated brutal expulsions to acceptable policy. The Bulgarians, Rumanians, Hungarians all jumped on the bandwagon to totally rob, drive out, their German minorities, some of them like the Siebenbuerger Saxons there since Columbus discovered America, the majority at least as long as American Independence. The most bestial was Tito of Yugoslavia, who had hundreds of thousands bludgeoned to death during the genocide. Perhaps that is why in Jewish and liberal circles Tito is ever glorified! Compared to his bestialities anything that can be alleged against Hitler is boy scout stuff!

More massive and almost as bestial was what Benes, another leftist idol, and Masaryk did to the 3,500,000 Sudeten Germans, whose ancient lands had in the Munich Pact, properly, if belatedly, been incorporated into Germany. They therefore were German citizens. But Benes and his Reds not only totally robbed all of them, drove them into Bavaria and Austria with only a suitcase of belongings, but murdered most bestially 2,250,000 of them. They drove women into the river to drown, ripped babies apart and hurled the parts at them, shot down men or clubbed them to death. What the Czechs did to the Sudeten Germans is alone far worse in numbers and brutality than anything the Nazis are accused of having done to Jews!


As soon as the Potsdam Pact gave them the Red light, the Poles drove out the several million Germans in the areas given them after World War I, mostly in violation of Wilson's principle of self-determination. They totally robbed and murdered thousands of them.

But once feeling that the Morgenthau Plan and Potsdam Pact had elevated genocidic expulsions to respectability, they and the Soviet Russians also proceeded to expel the 9,000,000 Germans, who, since time immemorial had developed East Prussia, Pomerania, West Prussia, and Silesia. These lands were German; they were only put under Russian and Polish administration; they were so indisputably totally German that even the hypocrites who committed the Versailles Treaty did not question their total Germanity! Nor did the expulsionists make a contrary claim, nor accuse them of any wrongdoing. They expelled them merely on racist grounds, for their ethnic Germanism!

All the wrongs done to American Negroes in 300 years, or to Jews in 1000 years of German history do not equal the genocide, the barbarity, the brutality, the inhumanity of these Oder-Neisse expulsions, The genocidists plausibly believed their genocide sanctioned by the American Morgenthau Plan and Truman's signature on the Potsdam Pact!


The inhabitants of the Oder-Neisse territory were on short notice ordered to the market place, told to leave doors open and cows and horses unattended, and take along only a small suitcase of clothes. At the market place they were ordered to trek on foot towards Western Germany. In often the bitter cold of winter, scantily dressed, they trekked on foot. And on the way Poles and Russians would fall upon them, take from their suitcases what suited them, often ripping clothes from their bodies. Often the genocidic beasts would rape women and children and in one way or another murder 20% on the way, a proven 2,100,000 of them. This horrendous number of murdered victims does not include those maimed and disabled for life. The Oder-Neisse expulsion of nine million Germans from their anciently settled homes is the most numerous crime of racism, of genocide, in all recorded history. It surpasses ten fold whatever wrongs Jews may have suffered from the Nazis. And most Jews who suffered were in some way guilty — as partisans, or spies, or saboteurs — whereas the German expellees were not charged with any wrongdoing.

Jews who keep caterwauling about the wrongs the Nazis did to them should reflect that this most massive genocidic atrocity in history against the East Germans must in all honesty be held to have been instigated by the Germanophobic Jewish publicists and politicians, like Ilya Ehrenburg, Henry Morgenthau, Harry Dexter White, Bernard Baruch (who vehemently supported the Morgenthau Plan), and Theodore N. Kaufman, to name the worst ones. The Jewish media, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the rest, supported the Germanophobic genocide. These papers, unbelievably, even were sympathetic to Theodore N. Kaufman's book demanding the sterilization of ail German males, so as to exterminate the German race in two generations!


The same Potsdam Pact, whose signers on the basis of their expulsion order alone, ought to have been hanged as war criminals, forbade German militarism and German National Socialism with brimstone and hellfire. And they threatened prison for every member of the National Socialist Party. Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief U.S. prosecutor at Nuremberg, even wanted 7,000,000 German soldiers tried and presumably hanged for membership!

On July 17, 1945, Truman, Churchill, Attlee, and Stalin met near Potsdam to dictate the fate of Germany. Because they had forced the German people to surrender unconditionally, they acted as if the Germans had no rights, apparently not even the right to object to the rape of their women. The four did not even give lip service to Wilson's “open covenants openly arrived at.” Such high flown idealism had served Allied statesmen only to trick and swindle the American people into both the first and second “crusades” against the German people. After the trick had succeeded, they changed their policy to killing as many Germans before an armistice, including sniping women and children down from the air, as they could. After armistice their policy was to starve, drive from their homes, seduce or rape as many as possible, and hang as war criminals as many leaders as the Christian world would tolerate!


So at Potsdam the great “democratic” dictators of the peace proceeded on the principle that the vanquished have no rights and that the victors are morally commissioned by their genius, not by God — for the Stalinists were virulent atheists — to tell the Germans how forever they must be governed and what form of government they may have, as if they were little children! The government they forced on the German people, democratically, must forever suffer “complete disarmament and demilitarization” and never have any “industry that could be used for military purposes” (the Morgenthau Plan) and must concentrate on “the development of agriculture and peaceful domestic industries” (also the Morgenthau Plan) — in short they prescribed knitting and potato growing for a country since 1945 half the size of Texas with six times as many people. In short, it was the Morgenthau Plan couched in hypocrisy, to exterminate the German people by starvation.


Ad nauseam are repeated such phrases as “equal rights for all citizens without distinction of race, nationality or religion.” And this properly translated means, “Don't ever criticize Jews and be sure to give them every possible advantage!” But forbidden to all the German race were “all types of aircraft and sea-going ships” and the “production of metals, chemicals, machinery.” Here again is the Morgenthau Plan showing through — proposing to starve the German race out on a cow pasture!

But where that parcel of peace-dictating war criminals — New Dealers, monarchists, and rank Bolshevistic atheists — displayed their self-righteous idealism was in their condemnation of National Socialism and their prohibiting it to the German people in all eternity on pain of even a more genocidic treatment than they were already meting out to the German race.


The holy crusading peace dictators at Potsdam state their purpose in occupying Germany as follows:

“To destroy the National Socialist Party … to dissolve all Nazi institutions, to ensure that they are not revived in any form, and to prevent all Nazi and militarist activity or propaganda.”

They mean to control German education so as “completely to eliminate Nazi and militarist doctrines.” And all “Nazi leaders, influential Nazi supporters … shall be arrested and interned.” Apparently for such National Socialists “equal rights without distinction of race, nationality or religion” were not to be granted: they were to be arrested for no other reason than for holding a political philosophy, one intrinsically anti-Communistic.

At the same time “all Nazi laws which … established discrimination on grounds of race, creed or political opinion shall be abolished.” Yet, these hypocrites, while pretending to protect “political opinion,” want to arrest anyone who holds the political opinion of “National socialism!”


But what has made the development of a truly self-reliant, independent Germany virtually impossible is the prohibition “completely-to eliminate Nazi and militaristic doctrines” and “to ensure they are not revived in any form.” This means that the victors could at any time label anything truly patriotic and self-reliantly German as “neo-Nazi.” It should also be clear that if the Western Allied arrogated unto themselves the power to enforce their sort of “democracy” on the helpless West Germans, the Soviet Russians would take that as a green light to subject the Soviet Zone Germans to their own abominable form of Bolshevism!

America's business was to insist that the Germans had the right and duty to assume whatever form of government they wished, including, absolutely, also National Socialism or what is called fascism. It should also be obvious that as long as America can tell Germany -what type of government it may have and what sort of political parties it may have, so long is West Germany its satellite, just as the miscalled German Democratic Republic is Soviet Russia's satellite!


The whole clamor against German militarism only masks the Allied determination to keep Germany weak. And it has nothing to do with National Socialism. After W.W.I, the Allies also prohibited a German navy and army (except for a token force of 100,000). National Socialism had not been born then. After WWII, the Rooseveltians also prohibited an army and a navy to Japan (not because Japan was National Socialistic, but because it, too, was strong).

To deny an army and a navy and an air force to Germany (or Japan) is first of all a monstrous crime. Secondly, it is an even greater stupidity. On September 26, 1973, Congressman Daniel J. Flood of Pennsylvania said in Congress:

“The historic functions of Germany and Japan have been to serve as dikes against Russian expansion in Europe and in the Far East, respectively. WWII destroyed those two great bastions against Soviet expansion in what eventually became one of the most extensive series of territorial conquests that the world has ever known. It was aimed at setting up a global system of socialistic republics.

“In Europe, the donation of 10 formerly independent nations, through secret agreements by pro-Red forces in Washington, assured Soviet domination in East Europe …”

Congressman Flood puts his finger on the right spot when he blames this stupidity on the “pro-Red forces in Washington!”


One proof of a stupidity (and of a crime) is that it proves to be unenforceable or impractical. Hardly had the Rooseveltians forced permanent total disarmament on Germany, when the Communists started re-arming their Soviet Zone and instigated the Korean War! And the U.S. which in 1945 had threatened to execute any German with a gun, by 1949 practically threatened West Germans with concentration camps unless they would agree to re-arm! Not of course, to re-arm effectively, so as really to defend themselves and liberate their enslaved lands, no, only sufficiently to become infantry for the U.S. and NATO, in short, only sufficient to be eligible as future war criminals! Modern weapons, which must include nuclear weapons, they are still denied. That is why, and it is the only reason, why West Europe cannot defend itself and needs a contingent of American troops stationed there!

The long and short of it is that a Germany that may not have a modern army, navy, and air force is an invitation to Soviet Russian domination. And it also was so before Hitler re-armed Germany.


Neither Imperial Germany nor National Socialist Germany was uniquely militaristic; neither had as large a peace-time army as its nearest neighbors, France and Russia. What the Allies like to mistake for militarism is the bravery and patriotism of the German Army, which in a war fights more efficiently than its opponents. When 5,000 Israelis defeat 25,000 Arabs, the media do not attribute it to Israeli militarism, but instead moon about the wonderful heroism and efficiency of the Israeli soldiers. But when Germany with 4,000,000 men throws back 15,000,000 French and Russian and British, it is due to robot militarism!

It is forgotten that peace-time U.S., before WWI, had no conscription, and a very small army, but once in war and mobilized only the German army could match it as a fighting force. Did that make America a militaristic robot? Obviously not. It merely proved that a highly civilized nation with sufficient patriotism can in a few months convert into a powerful military machine. So it was with Hitler's Third Reich. Who can build the best cars and the best expressways can also build the best tanks and shoot the straightest! And to deny a highly civilized country a modern army, navy, and air force is to court and deserve a world war!


For the peace dictators to try to equate National Socialism with militarism reveals their dishonesty and their hatred of a strong Germany. But it is no more right to prevent Germany from being as strong as its intrinsic virtues make it than it would be to clobber America because it claims to be the strongest nation on earth. To check German strength was the basic and criminal cause of both world wars.

When Hitler in 1939 decided to liberate the Danzigers by force — after a wait of 20 years for Allied justice — he had an army much smaller than that of France, and less than half of that of Soviet Russia. And Britain and America had each three times as powerful a navy and as much of an air force.

Even during the first three years of the war Hitler did not mobilize Germany as fully as France, Russia, Britain, and America mobilized. Albert Speer (Inside The Third Reich, Macmillan, 1970, pp. 220-21) complains that even as of April 1943, Hitler did not permit the drafting of women for industry. More of them were employed in 1918 than in 1942! [3]

It seems literally true that Hitler was a man of architecture and art, not of armaments and war. He was not eager to mobilize, but reluctant.


The victors in desperation to find actual German atrocities equal to those of the victors themselves take refuge in the accusation, more easily made plausible without proof, that Hitler and National Socialism are “solely guilty” of WWII. At Versailles, without a shred of proof, they accused Imperial Germany of the same thing. The scoundrels and hypocrites thus try to justify their own very provable guilt and mass atrocities!

To blame the Third Reich they absolutely reject causes, and want to concentrate only on who fired the first shot. When the Israelis fired the first shot in 1967, the journalistic lepers quickly exonerate them by alleging Arab threats. But the fact that after 20 years, the Poles, with the connivance of Britain and America, refused to give self-determination to the Danzigers, they refuse to recognize as justifying Germany finally to walk in and free them by force. It was a justifiable “police action,” not a world war! To blame the war on the first shot is like blaming the police for firing first when they surprise a gang robbing a bank!

Once and for all, Hitler was morally not only justified in finally resorting to force to liberate Danzig, but had the duty to do so, which every leader has to come to the aid of his oppressed fellow countrymen. Inasmuch as Roosevelt's treachery eventually caused him to fail in his gallant attempt, Hitler was strategically wrong. One has no right to use force, if there is no prospect of success. But that is a matter of hindsight. The truth is that in WWII the Third Reich fought for justice, and the Allies fought to prevent justice — and their own Wilsonian self-determination! In Hitler's later pre-emptive attack on Soviet Russia, he was far more justified than the Israelis in their allegedly pre-emptive attacks on Egypt in 1956 and 1967. Hitler then also fought to protect Europe more than just Germany. Let who denies this look at the map that resulted when Roosevelt knocked the sword from Hitler's hand at Stalingrad — with 11 billion dollars worth of lend-lease trucks and armaments! Half of Europe and half of Asia now squirm and languish under the Communistic terror!


In addition to alleged MILITARISM the Potsdam Pact for all eternity bans National Socialism for its racism, that is, in reality for its confrontation with Jews. While it is true some National Socialists often condemned Jews by lumping all of them into a common racial denominator — the easily provable fact is that National Socialism wanted to be rid of its Jews, have them emigrate, not essentially on racial but on ideological grounds. It considered Talmudic Jews to be subversive, pro-Communistic, anti-German.

Hitler himself clearly so expressed himself. He told the Nobel prize winner Max Planck:

“I have nothing at all against Jews themselves. But the Jews are all Communists, and these are my enemies — it is these that I am fighting … all Jews stick together like burrs … It is up to the Jews themselves to draw a dividing line between the different kinds. But they have not done that, and therefore I must proceed uniformly against all Jews.”

See “Max Planck and Adolf Hitler,” Bulletin of American Association of University Professors, Autumn, 1959, p. 439

In other words, his attitude is not racial, it is not anti-Semitic, it is anti-Talmudic, just as Christ was when he called such Jews liars and the offspring of Satan!

The most conclusive proof that Hitler and National Socialism were not racist, were not in the true sense anti-Semitic, is that the Third Reich treated Christianized Jews preferentially. The National Socialist Third Reich carefully distinguished between Talmudic and Christianized Jews! Even Talmudic Jews admit this. Philip Freedman (Their Brothers' Keepers, N.Y. 1957) inadvertently shows that the Nazis were not anti-Semitic but anti-Talmudic. He writes:

“In view of the fact that baptized Jews were exempted from the Nazi-like decrees, 4,500 was embraced Christianity.”

p. 73

On February 27, 1943, when 10,000 Jews were to be deported from Berlin:

“The Christian wives of those arrested were able to wring concessions from the Nazis, who released the men.”

p. 93

The Rooseveltians did not similarly spare Christian Nisei and Issei from the West Coast concentration camps!


On July 12, 1944, the Nazis ordered that Jewish converts could “found their own organizations, Union of Baptized Jews. More than 70,000 received membership certificates … and thus were saved from deportation” (p. 86). Freedman further reveals:

“One tactic that proved successful was the veritable epidemic of 'mercy baptism' … Another was mixed marriages … After 1941 conversions were administered on a mass scale with both party's tacitly agreeing that the convert could renounce his vow after the war.”

p. 105

Not surprisingly the government eventually “placed a deadline on conversions.” It will be recalled that the whole tragedy of the Spanish Inquisition was caused by such phony conversions!

In Lwow (Lemberg) after the Nazis occupied the city, Freedman reports that “no less than 4,000 Jews attempted to evade the German net by baptism” (p. 125). Even Drew Pearson, a congenital liar and German hater, married to a Jewish wife, reported that from Nazi-occupied Romania, Jews “could leave as Christians, but not as Jews. So overnight … bishop Roncalli made them Catholics” (“Pope a Rebel,” December 5, 1959).

It is important to emphasize that Jews saved by Baptism were saved from being INTERNED IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS. There was never a question of their being intended for “gassing.” Only the guilty imagination of the victors and Talmudists could suppose the National Socialists to have been as genocidic as they themselves proved to be. The Nazis had more right to put Jews in concentration camps as “potential dangers,” than Roosevelt had to put Nisei in concentration camps!


  1. According to Deutsche Wochen Zeitung (February 8, 1974), President Nixon in a conference with his closest advisers, indicated he had read Speer's Memoirs and called attention to Speer's technique of mobilization. Columnists Evans and Novak got wind of this and professed shock! Translating the German version back to English, they wrote, “According to the unwritten law of American politics it has always been a sacrilege, to praise Hitler-Germany on the public stage in any manner whatsoever.” What a devastating comment on American fairness, on our freedom of the press, on our decency to a defeated enemy! It also should prove that this booklet, A STRAIGHT LOOK AT THE THIRD REICH, is long overdue!