The Holocaust Historiography Project

A Straight Look at the Third Reich Part II

Hitler and National Socialism, How Right? How Wrong?

by Austin J. App, Ph.D.


Yet the holy “crusading” top hypocrites of the world, Roosevelt, Churchill and their entourage did not with one word suggest Stalin should be tried as a war criminal, nor did they then or since ever suggest that the Communistic system of government must forever be banned, that it may not be imposed on half of Germany or on the seven or more satellite nations brutally betrayed to the Soviets in the Yalta and Potsdam Pacts!

Someday history will acknowledge what Harry Elmer Barnes wrote in his review of George N. Crocker's ROOSEVELT'S ROAD TO WAR (Regnery, 1959):

“The great crime of our age was the British plotting and launching of the war and the American support of and entry into that war. The only adequate bulwarks against Communist expansion were Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Japan. When they were destroyed or defeated there was nothing left of sufficient power to contain Communism.”

Supporting this is Dr. Kurt Glaser's sentence, “Nach Stalingrad kaempften die deutschen Truppen fuer Europa — After Stalingrad the German Wehrmacht fought for Europe” (DER ZWEITE WELTKRIEG, Wuerzburg, 1965, p. 124).

And Roosevelt, without the slightest provocation, knocked the sword from German hands and Unconditional Surrenderized Germany into rubble! Why was he so determined to destroy Germany? To quote Dr. Barnes again in his review of A.J.P. Taylor's ORIGINS OF WORLD WAR II, where in effect Taylor absolved the Third Reich for responsibility for the outbreak of the war, Barnes wrote:

“There is little evidence that he (Roosevelt) was deeply disturbed by Hitler's anti-Jewish policy; he was much more annoyed by the fact that Hitler's “New Deal” had succeeded in spectacular fashion while his own had failed to bring prosperity to the United States.” (BLASTING THE HISTORICAL BLACKOUT, p. 30)


Even Conservatives often talk as if Bolshevism and National Socialism were essentially alike. Many clergymen are prone to this error. Liberals among themselves have a soft spot for Bolshevism and a frenzied hatred of National Socialism and Fascism. They do recognize these as antidotes to Bolshevism. But when they meet a conservative or a clergyman who fears Communism they quickly tar both with the same brush, as if to say, “After all Bolshevism is only a milder form of Fascism.” But the criminal leftists who kidnapped Patricia Hearst did not call Mr. Hearst a Communist, they called him “The corporate chairman of a fascist media empire” (TIME, February 25, 1974). Even many Germans, seeing how the West appeases and glorifies Communism, want to suggest that it is after all a step-brother of National Socialism. For example, the patriotic “Vereinigung Mitteleuropaeischer Foederalisten,” in its Manifesto, April, 1969, says, “Future historians will find no essential difference between brown and red Jacobinism” (p. 5).


The error of those who equate the two is to forget that all systems of governments in part resemble one another. In fact all governments have a chief executive, whether called dictator or not; they have a police force, more or less efficient or severe; they have tax collectors; they have prisons or concentration camps (even the Rooseveltians had the latter); they have a secret service, a spy system; and if state and church are both dedicated, there will be some tension between them. One could go on. Soviet Russia, the Third Reich, and the U.S. had many things in common. That did not make them similar!

Another error is judging a political system while it is at war, while, as in the case of the Third Reich, it was frantically struggling against Unconditional Surrender. For example, when the victors saw any concentration camps it was during the collapse of the Third Reich, when for at least three months it was in chaos, when bombing and strafing had destroyed its system of transportation. Even the civilian population and the army then had suffered from inadequate food. Naturally those in concentration camps during those weeks were not fed as well as the Nisei in the Rooseveltian concentration camps in the unendangered and unbombed West! Things were so chaotic in Germany by the time of surrender that even after Eisenhower had captured Dachau, he kept everybody locked in, 32,000; shortages were so bad that according to Nerin E. Gunn (DAY OF THE AMERICANS) while Americans controlled Dachau, 300 internees starved to death each day, “even more than under the Germans.”


The tendency to condemn German National Socialism for all eternity because of alleged atrocities (not even true ones) committed in the extremities of war, of Unconditional Surrender, is perhaps the worst fallacy of the victors. It is in fact itself an atrocity! Did not Roosevelt put 120,000 totally innocent and unindicted Nisei into concentration camps during the war? Does that make the New Deal forever a criminal form of government? When Eisenhower's troops took Dachau, they peremptorily, without warning or trial, murdered the 300 guards there, men whose duty had been no different from that of our guards, including the chief, Milton Eisenhower, in our own concentration camps (See Gunn, op. cit. ). Did this Rooseveltian atrocity invalidate our political system?

I cite Dachau here several times because that is the German concentration camp about which the most grotesque and exaggerated Allied atrocity lies were spread! And in 1949 I visited Dachau myself, and became aware of the frightful Jewish-Bolshevik manufacturing of atrocities (which has since crystallized into the unblushing, oft-repeated swindle of the Six Million Jews “gassed!”). Pastor Edward Winter, a German Lutheran chaplain, in December 1947 was assigned to Dachau. In his published experiences he writes:

“… precisely in this camp (Dachau) I was again and again reminded of and shocked by the brutality of many 'Christian' Americans. When, for example, the SS-Lazarett was incorporated from Munich to Dachau, which had really nothing to do with the Dachau concentration camp, these Americans shot to death the total Sanitation personnel, over eighty persons. Among them were several nuns and a few amputated patients. They were shot in their beds without any judicial hearing.” (DEUTSCHE WOCHENZEITUNG, October 6, 1973).

Pastor Winter puts Christian Americans in quotation marks. That might mean that they were in fact not Christian but Talmudic! But for this the Pastor could have been jailed had he spelled this out! My first comment is, is it any wonder that the Rooseveltians and the Morgenthauists, keep complementing the Bolsheviks in their day by day hammering away at alleged, not proven, German atrocities? Is it not an obvious defamation scheme to cover up their own, quite provable, atrocities? Was that not the purpose of the Nuremberg Trials, as it also was the purpose of the “Sole Guilt” clause in the abominable Versailles Treaty? Is it any wonder that Jews try to cover up Der Yassin, where they hacked to pieces 250 Palestinians and threw them in wells, in a literally far more bestial atrocity than anybody has even tried to accuse the Third Reich of?

The atrocities I cited here are of course merely a fraction of the totality of atrocities committed by the victors, especially, of course, by our lend-lease pals the Bolsheviks.


The victors have good reason to cover up their mass atrocities by inventing Nazi atrocities, like the most repeated and effective one, that of the 6,000,000 Jews “gassed.” At least 500,000 of those “gassed” in German concentration camps are now in Israel drawing huge reparations from West Germany! God knows how many of those “gassed” are running around in New York and helped cause the Energy Crisis by blackmailing Nixon into rushing several billion dollars worth of the latest weapons to help Israel clobber the Arabs! And then, in their media (The New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, etc.) crying themselves hoarse because the Arabs did what we in June did with soybeans, curtailed their sale of oil!


Even if the wartime atrocities alleged against the Third Reich, were factual (which they are not), they still would not be valid grounds for rejecting National Socialism. But in the light of the atrocities of the victors, all alleged and real Third Reich atrocities dwindle to fractions of the enormous, historically established mass atrocities of the victors.

Upon being made victorious by the U.S., the present French “democratic” government, rounded up and murdered at least 120,000 patriotic Frenchmen. DeGaulle was president during this massacre, and Jews and Communists controlled the press. The victims of the government of Marshal Petain, when France Surrendered, simply felt compelled to form a government acceptable to the Germans. This is exactly and precisely what the Germans on both sides of the Iron Curtain had to do and did, when the Anglo-Americans and Soviets won. Therefore the French execution of 120,000 ranks with one of the worst mass murders in history, worse than that of the French Revolution, worse than any Germans ever committed on themselves or anyone else!

Does this mass atrocity make the democratic French system of government forever abominable and interdicted?


It has been said that when the Americans and British finally invaded Germany and saw what their indiscriminate bombing had done to the beauty that had been Germany, the savage destruction of, not so much factories, but the workingmen's quarters (according to the Lindemann Plan), the rubble made of much of the world's finest architecture, the destruction of more churches, of world famous cathedrals and domes, than any vandals of history except the Bolsheviks had ever destroyed, and most of that after the war was really won, after the Germans had pathetically indicated they would surrender (if only Unconditional Surrender did not include the raping of their women, as Ilya Ehrenberg, the Jewish Soviet Propaganda Minister was ordering the troops to do). Hence the Anglo-American invaders, presumably had enough decency to reflect in effect as follows:

My God, what unnecessary barbarism we have been guilty of here in Germany. How can we ever explain it even to our people, when they start coming over here and see it. After all, the bulk of them are not Jews, whose Morgenthauism instigated all this, but Christians!

There is only one salvation for us. To manufacture and harp on a mountain of atrocities, especially against the Jews (who control the media). And to publicize this properly we must organize an overpowering spectacle of alleged atrocity trials, for which Nuremberg, the scene of the great Leni Riefenstall Documentry of 1934 is just right. And we must operate on a few ironclad rules:

One, we make our laws as we go along; the words EX POST FACTO will not be tolerated;

Two, this means we will absolutely prohibit the defense from using the argument that the victors had committed the same deeds; Three, we will institute a system of blackmail against any German subordinate, threatening him with execution or delivery to the Bolsheviks if he does not testify so as to make his Chief a war criminal; Four, we will on no account contradict any charges of our fellow prosecutors; if for example, in the unhappy Katyn matter, where the Soviets obviously murdered 15,000 Polish P.O.W., if they accuse the Nazis of this crime, we will act as if this were a true charge; Fifth, in short, our only object is to hang as many Germans as we plausibly can, and to blow up real and phony Third Reich atrocities to such monstrous proportions that Allied crimes will not be adverted to, and the dust of deception be thrown forever into the populations of the world, including most importantly, the Germans themselves. The latter must be deluged with a guilt complex which will induce them to pay reparations to Jews and Israel for the next 100 years!

When the victors, including Israel, if they do not “delete any tapes,” will finally open their archives to historians, the way the German archives were thrown open, what I put in stark terms above will be confirmed. What I asserted above is what actually was done by and with the Nuremberg Trials; and I insist, injustices like that do not just happen, they are planned that way!

Harry Elmer Barnes has termed the strategy of the victors to justify their crimes by “incessantly portraying the allegedly unique abominations of the Germans … the new smother-out vintage” ("Public Stake In Revisionism,” Rampart Journal, Summer, 1967, p. 32). In the smother-out technique, the victors try to justify their own crimes by accusing the Germans of being guilty of such “brutal outrages” as proved them “such degenerate gangsters” that the Allies “were justified in resorting to any degree of plotting and duplicity … “ (Blasting the Historical Blackout, p. 32).


When I call the crimes of the victors ten times more numerous and more vicious than those of the Third Reich, I mean this literally — and would be willing to stake my life on the truth of it. Dr. Barnes enumerates the worst Allied crimes, and adds that it ill becomes the victors to harp on alleged German ones:

“Only those committed by the Germans have been subjected to searching investigation and given world-wide publicity. Even assuming that all the charges ever made against the Nazis by anybody of reasonable sanity and responsibility are true, the Allies do not come off much, if any better.” (Blasting the Historical Blackout, p. 32)

In fact they come off shockingly worse! Nobody has ever even accused the Nazis of sniping civilians down in the fields and streets from the air! In his article on “Apocalypse At Dresden” (H. S. Grossman, Esquire, November 1963), writes that after the phosphate and fire bombing of undefended Dresden:

“… scores of Mustang fighters diving low over the bodies huddled on the banks in order to shoot them up. Other Mustangs chose as their targets the serried crowd that blacked every road of Dresden they have become the symbol of Yankee sadism and brutality.”

Above I mentioned how German guards were murdered at Dachau. I do not here enlarge on what even Col. Lindbergh lamented, how Eisenhower's “crusaders” liberated (stole) the rings, wrist watches, cameras, radios from the already impoverished German population. And valuable art works from homes and museums; and even Hitler's two autos! But if Rommel's men had done it in France, we would hear about it every day. I personally am only too glad that our “crusaders” did not brutally rape a million German girls as our Lend-Lease pals did; I am glad they only starved them first, (until 1947, while the Morgenthau Plan was in force), and then seduced them with a candy bar!

You may recall the hue and cry that was made when some phony Allied atrocity monger alleged that Ilse Koch had made lamp-shades out of Jewish skins. The charge was a shameful lie! But not a lie is the charge (which Lindbergh in his Journal attests to) that our G.I.'s carved letter openers out of the bones of fallen Japanese! Is the United States or the New Deal branded as a criminal regime for that? If Ilse Koch had indeed made such a lamp-shade, would that in any way be more of an “atrocity” than carving letter openers out of “Jap” skeletons? America has a long way to go if it wants to be even-handed in its judgements regarding World War II!


A far more irresponsible Anglo-American crime was, after German surrender, when military necessity could not be alibied, the dismantling of what German factories remained — and shipping them to Russia. This implemented the blueprint of the Morgenthau Plan (JCS 1067, JSC 1779), whose real object was the shrinking, the division of Germany, and the depriving the people of machinery, so that they would starve to death — yet could not be said to have been directly massacred!

One can hardly imagine a barbarism more calloused, in the face of the rubble of ruins in Germany, than to dismantle, to destroy what few remaining German factories were left — and give them to the savages that raped a million German women. I don't see how the All-just God will ever forgive the dismantling. First, to say that the Marshall Plan made up for it is false. If there had been no dismantling the Germans would not have needed the Marshall Plan. Secondly, for three to five years the Germans were not only humiliated and robbed by the dismantling, they also suffered the kind of mass starvation on account of it, which drove German girls into seduction and prostitution to keep themselves and families alive. Dismantling was a major war crime, one the Germans in the territories they conquered, like France, did not commit!


But the nastiest, the most heartless, the most inhumane Anglo-American mass atrocity has been labeled by our own State Department as “Operation Keelhaul.” Because of the conviction that the Third Reich, that National Socialism was a humane and liberating force, millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Cossacks, and Balts surrendered to the Germans, and over a million asked to fight in German uniforms for the liberation of their countries from Bolshevism. The Germanophobes hate to admit that the German Wehrmacht really had more of a United Europe in its ranks than any army before. But for Roosevelt and Morgenthau, a basically free, united Europe would have been created. Now half of Europe is behind the Iron Curtain, surrounded by barbed wire — a mass concentration camp!

Anyhow, Stalin was convulsed with fury at those who preferred Nazi Germany to Bolshevik Soviet Russia. And the Anglo-Americans were unhappy about it, too. Their strategy was to induce with promises of security these Soviet Union people in German uniforms or arms factories to let themselves be captured by the “holy and crusading” Western Allies.


Under the Psychological Warfare Division, labeled “Leaflet Operation,” the Rooseveltians dropped six billion leaflets over German lines, urging the Soviet Russians in German uniforms to surrender to the West, solemnly promising them good treatment, and denouncing “as lies the Nazi propaganda that Soviet nationals fighting or not fighting with the Germans would ultimately be forcibly repatriated to the Soviets if they ever surrendered or deserted to the Americans” (Julius Epstein, Operation Keelhaul, 1973, P. 28).

To the everlasting Anglo-American shame, the so-called lying Nazi propaganda was proven right, and the legend on the six billion leaflets a lie and a treachery! When General Vlasov with his army of some 850,000 Russians in German uniforms and other Russians had fought his way out of Czechoslovakia westward and on May 7, 1945, tried to surrender to the Americans, trusting the leaflets, they were disarmed, and forcibly delivered to Stalin, who on August 2, 1946, hanged all the generals and sent the others to Siberia to slave labor camps, from which few returned alive.

Julius Epstein declares:

“There is no need to demonstrate that the forced repatriation of non-Vlasov men in German P.O.W. camps, taken over by the Americans and the British, was illegal and utterly inhuman, contrary to every rule of war. As for the forcible repatriation of Vlasov and his men, it must be considered illegal …”

(p. 27)

This illegal inhumanity, this brutal atrocity, was committed, not by the National Socialists, but by the arch-democrats, the self-appointed “re-educators” of the Germans. As Solzhenitsyn courageously said, it was an Allied, not a Nazi atrocity! The Anglo-Americans, by clubbing, shooting, even drugging forcibly repatriated millions of people to their death or slavery in Soviet Russia whom they had solemnly pledged to grant asylum!


The Western Allies also even more treacherously and brutally denied asylum to the Cossack contingents in the German Army, General von Pannwitz's division. The trusting Cossacks were so stunned by the treachery that they went on a hunger strike, “We prefer to starve rather than return to the Soviet Union” (Epstein, p. 79). They refused to board the trucks for their repatriation:

“British soldiers with pistols and clubs began using their clubs, aiming at the heads of the prisoners. They first dragged the men out of the crowd and threw them into the trucks. The men jumped out. They beat them again and threw them onto the floor of the trucks. Again, they jumped out. The British then hit them with rifle butts until they lay unconscious and threw them like sacks of potatoes in the trucks.”

(See Epstein, op. cit., p. 78)

The Eisenhower “Crusaders” treated the Cossacks no less brutally. And when the Soviets received them, they murdered the leaders and enslaved the rest. But the Rooseveltians were not content only to club the European Soviet Russians back to the barbarians of Moscow, they also clubbed, abused, and drugged the hundreds of P.O.W., Soviet Russians, captured in German uniforms, out of American P.O.W. camps, e.g., Fort Dix, New Jersey; Rupert, Iowa; Winchester, Virginia; Doleville, Alabama; and Toronto, Canada. When the Eisenhower “Crusaders” tried to deport one group of 200 to Soviet Russia, they:

“… were ready to fight for their lives. First, they refused to leave their barracks when ordered to do so. The military police then used tear gas, and, half-dazed … (they) were forced to board a Soviet vessel.”

See Epstein, p. 103

In desperation the 200 started to destroy the ship's engine. They were taken from that ship, and resisted boarding another. Then a sergeant:

“… hit upon the idea of doping the prisoners. Consequently he mixed barbiturates into their coffee. Soon all the prisoners fell into a deep, coma-like sleep. (Thus) the prisoners were brought to another Soviet boat for a speedy return to Stalin's Hangmen.”

Epstein, p. 104

The Third Reich was never guilty of such broken pledges and treachery. Do those guilty of this despicable “Operation Keelhaul” really have the right to denounce German National Socialism as a monster of evil among the world's governments? The Morgenthau Rooseveltians, who threw all the German archives open to a thousand snifflers trying to find some Hitlerian, National Socialistic order for the “gassing” of Jews — utterly in vain, of course — have still classified the “Operation Keelhaul” as top secret, after nearly 30 years, to prevent scholars from seeing and revealing its moral turpitude!


While the Morgenthau Plan makes America and Britain the top theoretical war criminals of all recorded history — there is no more genocidic plan in existence — practically in actual commission, no Western crimes, whether Anglo-American or German, can be compared to the utter bestiality and barbarism of the mass atrocities committed by or under Communistic direction (the shock and protest of us Christian Americans prevented the final and full implementation of the Morgenthau Plan!).

Even to mention Anglo-American or Nazi German crimes in the same sentence with those of the Soviets is a vile slander. It is like equating the Thief on the Cross with Moloch!


The nastiest atrocity in war is rape. It is also the most authentic. With other alleged atrocities, one has a right to ask why they were committed. This question should especially be asked in the case of alleged crimes against Jews. Perhaps there was a military necessity! But there is never a military necessity for rape. It is barbarism and savagery undisputed. This is an atrocity the German Wehrmacht did not commit, nor the SS. In fact, no large army in the world has been more decent in that respect than the German Army. In contrast the Soviet Russians have been the foulest mass rapists in European history. And it was an official, non-repressed atrocity.

The Jewish propaganda Minister Ilya Ehrenburg kept broadcasting to the troops as they approached Germany:

“Kill. In Germany, nothing is guiltless. Neither the living nor the yet unborn … Crush forever in its den the fascist beasts. Violently break the racial pride of the German woman. Ravish them as booty. Kill, you gallant Red soldiers!”

It took a vindictive Jewish Communist to give the most beastly directive in history: “Rape the German women as booty!,” It matches the most genocidic book in history, Theodore N. Kaufman's Germany Must Perish — castrate all Germans; and the most genocidic official peace plot In history, also by a Jew, the Morgenthau Plan! It is no wonder that Jews and Israelis try to distract from their genocidic plots by manufacturing the swindle of the Six Million!

In line with the Morgenthau spirit and Ilya Ehrenburg's directive, when the Red soldiery captured the first German village, in East Prussia, Nemmersdorf, they murdered every last German villager. And they raped to death every German woman and girl from eight to eighty. And that in the most bestial manner recorded in history! They stripped several of them, crucified them to barn doors, and then raped them to death! (See “Red Genocide in German Village,” p. 6, Boniface Press, 25 cents)


Leaders of civilized countries fear the propensity of their soldiers to theft, murder, and particularly rape; and try to prevent these. Soviet Russia, under its Jewish propaganda Minister Ilya Ehrenburg is both the first professed atheistic country in the world — and probably also the first that virtually commanded its army to rape! The mass rape stretches from land to city, from Koenigsberg and Breslau, to Berlin and Vienna.

TIME MAGAZINE (April 1, 1966), reviewing Cornelius Ryan's THE LAST BATTLE, said how among the 2,000,000 women left in Berlin, when the Red Army approached “the fear of sexual attack raced through the city like a plague.” When the Reds had taken the city: “Rape, plunder and suicide became commonplace … All told, the number of rape victims in Berlin — ranging from women of 70 to little girls of ten — will never be known, although Ryan reports estimates from doctors that run from 20,000 to 100,000.” Having been raped is one thing a woman does not like to talk about — therefore the figure of 100,000 should almost certainly be doubled or tripled. Some women were raped from forty to seventy times — many until they were dead.

When the Red savages took Vienna, a harmless city of song and waltz, according to Cardinal Griffin, 100,000 women were raped many times. John Dos Passos, as a correspondent for Life Magazine (January 7, 1946), reported:

“The Viennese tell you of the savagery of the Russian armies … Even in the working-class districts the troops were allowed to rape and murder and loot at will.”

Cardinal Mindszenty (Tablet, March 2, 1946) reported that in Budapest:

“Bishop William Apor of Gyoer, and 53 priests were killed by the Russians when he tried to protect a group of women and children who had taken refuge in his palace.”

Here alone the Reds killed some ten times more priests than the Nazis executed for what they believed to be treason! (See “Ravishing The Women of Conquered Europe,” Boniface Press, 15 cents.).

Will any honest man claim that in the face of this Red bestiality the U.S. should allow and encourage Communism in half of Germany and a Communist Party in West Germany, but should forever under pain of death and destruction forbid the Germans ever to allow a National Socialist Party, or a “neo-Nazi” one! At the Potsdam meeting, only a manure pile of the most shameful hypocrites the world has ever seen could have favored Communism over National Socialism.


The frantic concern of Americans for the speedy return of American P.O.W. from the North Vietnamese, and that of the Israelis for the return of their P.O.W. in Syria, shows that a top mark of civilized warfare is the speedy return of prisoners of war as soon as an armistice is signed. Did the holy crusading victors, the self-appointed “re-educators” of the Christian German people, speedily return the millions of German prisoners of war? No, they did not! They made sure to get their own men home, even in “Operation Keelhaul” repatriating by force those who did not want to return. But with regard to German prisoners the “re-educators” of Germany retrogressed into the barbarism of 500 years ago. In recent centuries only the crusading Unconditional Surrenderists have been degenerate enough to do it. This happened when our government, according to Senator James O. Eastland, was “under the control of Mr. Baruch and Mr. Sidney Hiltman and Mr. Morgenthau” (March 26, 1946). In September, 1944, Morgenthau and Roosevelt, at the Quebec Conference, bribed Churchill to insist on “forced labor outside Germany,” for German P.O.W.

This from genocidists and hypocrites who thought it noble to acquiesce in Communism but crucify everything National Socialistic! At Yalta Stalin promptly demanded “10,000,000 such slaves to work in Russia after the war for an indefinite period” (Peace Action May, 1945).