The Holocaust Historiography Project

Trials of War Criminals before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals

Volume I: The Medical Case

Preface III
Trials of War Criminals before Nuernberg Military Tribunals VII
Declaration on German Atrocities VIII
London Agreement of 8 August 1945 IX
Executive Order 9547 IX
Charter of The International Military Tribunal XI
Control Council Law No. 10 XVI
Executive Order 9679 XX
General Orders Number 301, Hq. USFET, 24 October 1946 XX
Military Government-Germany, United States Zone, Ordinance No. 7 XXI
Military Government-Germany, Ordinance No. 11 XXVI
Officials of the Office of the Secretary General XXVIII
“The Medical Case”
Order Constituting Tribunal I 3
Order Constituting Tribunal I 5
Members of the Tribunal 6
Prosecution Counsel 7
Defense Counsel 7
I. Indictment 8
II. Arraignment 18
III. Statement of the Tribunal on the Order of Trial and Rules of Procedure, 9 December 1946 24
IV. Opening Statement of the Prosecution by Brigadier General Telford Taylor, 9 December 1946 27
V. Introductory Statement on the Presentation of Evidence Made by the Prosecution, 10 December 1946 75
VI. Organization of the German Medical Services 81
VII. Extracts from Argumentation and Evidence of Prosecution and Defense 92
  A. Medical Experiments 92
    High-altitude experiments 92
    1. High-altitude Experiments 92
    2. Freezing Experiments 198
    3. Malaria Experiments 278
    4. Lost (Mustard) Gas Experiments 314
    5. Sulfanilamide Experiments 354
    6. Bone, Muscle, and Nerve Regeneration, and Bone Transplantation Experiments 391
    7. Sea-water Experiments 418
    8. Epidemic Jaundice Experiments 494
    9. Typhus and Other Vaccine Experiment 508
    10. Experiments with Poison 631
    11. Incendiary Bomb Experiments 639
    12. Phlegmon Experiments 653
    13. Polygal Experiments 669
    14. Gas Oedema (Phenol) Experiments 684
    15. Experiments for Mass Sterilization 694
  B. Jewish Skeleton Collection 738
  C. Project to kill Tubercular Polish Nationals 759
  D. Euthanasia 794
  E. Selections from Photographic Evidence of the Prosecution 897
VIII. Evidence and Arguments on Important Aspects of the Case 909
  A. Applicability of Control Council Law No. 10, to offenses against Germans During the War 909
  B. Responsibility of Superiors for Acts of Subordinates 925
  C. Responsibility of Subordinates for Acts Carried Out under Superior Orders 957
  D. Status of Occupied Poland under International Law 974
  E. Voluntary Participation of Experimental Subjects 980

(Sec. VIII continued in Vol. II)

Source: Library of Congress, Military Legal Resources