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Trials of War Criminals before the Nuernberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10

October 1946 – April 1949

This 15-volume series, also known as “The Green Series,” focuses on the 12 trials of almost 200 defendants. The defendants included: diplomats, politicians and jurists, such as Ernst von Weizsaecker, the State Secretary of the Foreign Office, cabinet ministers Schwerin von Krosigk and Hans Lammers, and the Acting Minister of Justice Franz Schlegelberger; military leaders, including Field Marshals Wilhelm von Leeb, Wilhelm List, and Georg von Küchler; SS (Schutzstaffel) leaders, such as Otto Ohlendorf and Oswald Pohl; leading industrialists, such as Friedrich Flick, Alfred Krupp, and the directors of I. G. Farben; and physicians, such as Gerhard Rose. The trial proceedings, conducted in English and German, were carried out under the direct authority of the Allied Control Council, Law No. 10, the text of which is included in Volume I of “the Green Series.” The trials lasted two and a half years, and produced more than 300,000 pages of testimony and evidence. This publication by the United States Government Printing Office is the official abridged record of the individual indictments and judgments, as well as the administrative materials that were common to all the trials. Original volumes of this series may be found in the collections of the Library of Congress and The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center & School Library, U.S. Army, Charlottesville, Virginia. (Library of Congress Call Number D804.G42 A42; OCLC Number 315875936)

Preface III
Trials of War Criminals before Nuernberg Military Tribunals VII
Declaration on German Atrocities VIII
Executive Order 9547 IX
London Agreement of 8 August 1945 IX
Charter of The International Military Tribunal XI
Control Council Law No. 10 XVI
Executive Order 9679 XX
General Orders Number 301, Hq. USFET, 24 October 1946 XX
Military Government — Germany, United States Zone, Ordinance No. 7 XXI
Military Government — Germany, Ordinance No. 11 XXVI
Officials of the Office of the Secretary General XXVIII
Volume Description
Volume I The Medical Case
Volume II The Medical Case [continued], the Milch Case
Volume III The Justice Case
Volume IV The Einsatzgruppen Case, the RuSHA Case
Volume V The RuSHA Case [continued], the Pohl Case
Volume VI The Flick Case
Volume VII The I.G. Farben Case
Volume VIII The I.G. Farben Case [continued]
Volume IX The Krupp Case
Volume X The High Command Case
Volume XI The High Command Case [continued], the Hostage Case
Volume XII The Ministries Case
Volume XIII The Ministries Case [continued]
Volume XIV The Ministries Case [continued]
Volume XV Procedure, Practice, and Administration

Source: Library of Congress, Military Legal Resources