The Holocaust Historiography Project

The Journal of Historical Review Index: Volume 15 (1995)

The volume and number labels are linked to the cover letter that accompanied each issue.

Volume 15 number 1 (January/February)

Ash, Timothy Garton. In Europe’s Name: Germany and the Divided Continent. Reviewed by: Gray, Andrew. January/February 1995; v15 n1 p45.

Clausen, Henry C.; Lee, Bruce. Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement. Reviewed by: Martin, James J. January/February 1995; v15 n1 p39.

Fogarty, Philip J. “Nothing learned.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p47.

Gabis, Tomasz. “Greetings from Poland.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p47.

Irving, David. “My confrontation with Deborah Lipstadt.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p28.

Irving, David. “Revelations from Goebbels' diary.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p2. Bringing to light secrets of Hitler’s propaganda minister.

Maltsev, Yuri N. “Estonia: Emerging from communism.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p37.

Oliver, Revilo P. “Why did a great Egyptian civilization suddenly collapse?” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p34. The mysterious demise of the world’s first socialist state.

Raven, Greg. “Major Holocaust polls show built-in bias.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p25.

Skidelsky, Robert. John Maynard Keynes: The Economist as Savior. Reviewed by: Gray, Andrew. January/February 1995; v15 n1 p44.

Weber, Mark. “Book detailing Jewish crimes against Germans banned (in Germany).” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p28. Thousands of copies of revisionist work destroyed.

Weber, Mark. “Canadian police destroy revisionist book.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p31.

Weber, Mark. “Goebbels' place in history.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p18.

Weber, Mark. “Major French magazine acknowledges Auschwitz gas chamber fraud.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p23.

Weber, Mark. “Mattogno’s new IHR book promoted on radio show.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p30.

Weber, Mark. “Murder of Jews a crime in the Third Reich.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p32.

Weber, Mark. “Punishment for mistreating SS camp prisoners.” January/February 1995; v15 n1 p33.

Volume 15 number 2 (March/April)

Buchwald, Ephraim. “A fatal obsession.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p33. Three Jewish views on the Holocaust.

Cobden, John. “The Dachau gas chamber myth.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p14. Suppressed history on fiftieth anniversary of camp’s liberation.

Cole, David. “On the Marco Polo affair (commentary).” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p8.

DiLorenzo, Thomas. “A defense of the Confederate cause.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p34. 'Long may the battle flag wave'.

Faurisson, Robert. “On Irving, Goebbels, and Pressac (letter).” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p46.

Hecht, Eli. “'Swindler’s List'.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p33. Three Jewish views on the Holocaust.

Hoggan, David. “Pearl Harbor and the America First committee.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p30.

Jackson, Jesse L. “Appreciation.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p48.

Jeffries, Joseph M. N. Palestine: The reality. Reviewed by: O'Reilly, Patrick. March/April 1995; v15 n2 p41.

Klee, Ernst; Dressen, Willi; Riess, Volker. 'The Good Old Days': The Holocaust as seen by its perpetrators and bystanders. Reviewed by: Weir, John. March/April 1995; v15 n2 p43.

Klingel, Terry A. “Good issue.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p48.

Kohn, Moshe. “'Disease' of 'Holocaust teaching'.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p33. Three Jewish views on the Holocaust.

Kulaszka, Barbara. Did Six Million Really Died?: Report of the evidence in the Canadian 'false news' trial of Ernst Zündel, 1988. Reviewed by: Weber, Charles E. March/April 1995; v15 n2 p37.

Marchevsky, Ivan. “Good issue.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p48.

O’Keefe, Theodore J. “The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum: A costly and dangerous mistake.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p10.

Raven, Greg. “Dr. Nishioka’s activism.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p6.

Shermer, Michael. “A skeptics view of Irving.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p47.

Weber, Mark. “American history institute denounces campaign against Japanese publishing company.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p9. Press release.

Weber, Mark. “German ban lifted, then reimposed, on revisionist work about German war guilt.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p28. Book by IHR advisor Walendy back on censorship list.

Weber, Mark. “Irving protests German persecution of Holocaust skeptics.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p28. Historian still banned from Germany.

Weber, Mark. “'No gas chambers' says influential Japanese magazine.” March/April 1995; v15 n2 p2. Jewish-Zionist boycott campaign shuts down prominent monthly.

Volume 15 number 3 (May/June)

Krohmer, Helmut. “Soviet military buildup recalled.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p48.

Martin, James J. “The death and life of the Mafia in Italy.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p2. From suppression by Mussolini to revival by 'Liberation,' 1926-1946.

Martin, James J. “Historians view the Mafia.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p14.

Martin, James J. “Unicorns and other fantasies.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p46.

Rothbard, Murray N. “On the importance of revisionism for our time.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p35.

Weber, Mark. “America’s changing view of Mussolini and Italian Fascism.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p6.

Weber, Mark. “Anne Frank.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p31.

Weber, Mark. “Bergen-Belsen camp: The suppressed story.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p23. 'Extermination' camp propaganda myths.

Weber, Mark. “Executive fired for translating Journal items.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p43.

Weber, Mark. “Murray Rothbard, 1926-1995.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p33.

Weber, Mark. “Revisionist books seized in German police raid.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p43.

Weber, Mark. “Revisionist center offers 'truthful history'.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p43. In Germany.

Weber, Mark. “Two-year prison sentence for 'Holocaust denial'.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p40. Dissident historical views banned in Germany.

Weber, Mark. “Zündel’s office-home damaged in arson attack.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p38. Zionist group claims responsibility.

Ziff, William B. “Jews as underground fighters in the Second World War.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p44.

Zvedlund, E. “Keynes' 1936 German foreword.” May/June 1995; v15 n3 p48.

Volume 15 number 4 (July/August)

Gannon, Dan. “My 'invasion' of the computer networks.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p29.

Hershel, R. “Getting angry.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p48.

Irving, David. “Irving responds to Faurisson’s comment.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p46.

O’Keefe, Theodore J. “The liberation of the camps: Facts vs. lies.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p18.

Sobran, Joseph. “The Holocaust as excuse.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p41. Some lessons after fifty years.

Sobran, Joseph. “Holy war.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p42. Some lessons after fifty years.

Sobran, Joseph. “The winner.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p43. Some lessons after fifty years.

Strakon, Nicholas. “The bombardier’s song.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p39.

Strakon, Nicholas. “Who bombs children?” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p35.

Svedlund, E. “Mussolini and Pareto.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p47.

Weber, Mark. “Computer prodigy pioneers cyberspace revisionism.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p28.

Weber, Mark. “The Institute in the news.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p30.

Weber, Mark. “More student papers publish Smith’s 'Open Debate' advertisement.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p32.

Weber, Mark. “Playwrights take aim at revisionism.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p31.

Weber, Mark. “Remer seeks asylum in Spain.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p33.

Weber, Mark. “Revisionist global computer outreach.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p26. IHR 'cyberspace' connection reaches millions worldwide, generates widespread attention, provokes bigoted rage.

Weber, Mark. “Revisionist view confirmed.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p34.

Weber, Mark. “The Simon Wiesenthal Center.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p2.

Weber, Mark. “Simon Wiesenthal: Fraudulent 'Nazi hunter'.” July/August 1995; v15 n4 p8.

Volume 15 number 5 (September/October)

Bennett, John. “Vituperation in Australia.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p48.

Butler, Eric D. “The Holocaust campaign: A threat to Christianity.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p12.

Chernow, Ron. The Warburgs: The twentieth-century odyssey of a remarkable Jewish family. Reviewed by: Weir, Johr. September/October 1995; v15 n5 p33.

Golea, Traian. “'Hungarian revisionism'.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p46.

Lipstadt, Deborah. Denying the Holocaust: The growing assault on truth and memory. Reviewed by: Oluwatoyin, Anthony O. September/October 1995; v15 n5 p40. Bigotry in the guise of scholarship.

Phillips, Richard. “Jews in the Bolshevik takeover of Russia: A dissenting view.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p45.

Weber, Mark. “Charges dropped against engineer for scholarly report disputing gassing claims.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p30. Free speech struggle continues in Austria.

Weber, Mark. “China’s 'No dogs or Chinese' sign.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p31. Debunking another historical fable.

Weber, Mark. “Doug Collins and Canadian Jewish Weekly cross swords.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p25.

Weber, Mark. “French court fines Faurisson, Roques for revisionist book.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p14. Pressac breaks down on the witness stand.

Weber, Mark. “A German takes his life to protest defamation and historical lies.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p19. Suicide of Reinhold Elstner.

Weber, Mark. “Hans Schmidt arrested in Germany.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p15. German police hold U.S. citizen in unusualy free speech case.

Weber, Mark. “'Immortal political figure'?” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p31.

Weber, Mark. “'Militaristic Germany'?” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p32.

Weber, Mark. “Nationalist sentiment widespread, growing in former Soviet Union.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p8.

Weber, Mark. “New IHR Web site and e-mail addresses.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p29.

Weber, Mark. “Revisionism on the Internet: 'A menace that must be fought'.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p28.

Weber, Mark. “'The catastrophe of revisionism'.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p29.

Weber, Mark; Raven, Greg. “Record and mission of the Institute for Historical Review.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p18. Focus on the IHR.

Zündel, Ernst. “My impressions of the new Russia.” September/October 1995; v15 n5 p2. Is a 'National Socialist' Russia emerging?

Volume 15 number 6 (November/December)

Butz, Arthur. “Considerable element.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p48.

Collins, Doug. “Books for burning.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p29. Free speech under attack.

Collins, Doug. “Thought police on patrol.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p26. Free speech under attack.

Faurisson, Robert. “Further drastic changes in the 'official' view of Auschwitz and other wartime camps.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p18. [Jean-Claude] Pressac makes new concessions to the revisionists.

Faurisson, Robert; Weber, Mark. “French court fines Faurisson, Roques for 'Holocaust denial' book.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p13. Witness [Jean-Claude] Pressac breaks down under questioning in dramatic trial.

Glynn, Martin H. The crucifixion of Jews must stop! Analysis by: Weber, Mark. November/December 1995; v15 n6 p31.

Gottfried, Paul. “Western self-loathing and the cult of victimhood.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p47.

Graf, Jürgen. “The social and political impact of the Holocaust campaign in today’s Europe.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p2. Imposing a guilt complex.

Sheftel, Yoram. The Demjanjuk affair: The rise and fall of a show-trial. Reviewed by: Jones, Lesya. November/December 1995; v15 n6 p45. The Demjanjuk case: An evil campaign to frame an innocent man.

Sobran, Joseph. “Beware of Ally.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p22. The Jewish angle.

Sobran, Joseph. “The Jewish establishment.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p24. The Jewish angle.

Stolfi, Russell H. S. Hitler’s Panzers East: World War II reinterpreted. Reviewed by: Bishop, Joseph. November/December 1995; v15 n6 p38. Could Hitler have won? A thoughtful look at the German-Soviet clash reassesses the Second World War.

Weber, Charles. “Not mentioned.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p48.

Weber, Mark. “Another 'death camp' propaganda fable.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p17.

Weber, Mark. “Anti'revisionist professor fined for revisionism.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p35. 'Genocide' of Armenians disputed.

Weber, Mark. “East Berlin officials staged 'neo-Nazism' in West Germany.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p29. Phony 'anti-Semitic' incidents.

Weber, Mark. “German government issues statement on the IHR.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p34. Officials respond to Communist Party inquiry.

Weber, Mark. “Immigration and 'lessons of the Holocaust'.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p5.

Weber, Mark. “Important documents found in Moscow archives.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p36.

Weber, Mark. “Internet 'Web site' offers instant worldwide access to revisionism.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p11.

Weber, Mark. “International historians' meeting reflects 'politically correct' academic agenda.” November/December 1995; v15 n6 p32.