The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 4b
Document 4b
[Top left: Rubber stamp “Submit to LT/ET"]

[Upper right, below the date: Rubber stamp of the Topf management secretariat, as on document 3, here dated l7th November 1942]

Erfurt, 15th November 1942

To Messrs E and L Topf
inside the house

Dear Messrs Topf, [in pencil: “Submit to LT") After the conversation I had with you at the end of last year, you agreed to pay me a bonus for the new construction of three-muffle cremation furnaces.

This was to be paid once it was established that the furnaces operated correctly.

12 and 6 weeks ago, respectively, the first two
Topf three-muffle cremation furnaces
entered service in the Buchenwald crematorium.

The first furnace already has a great number of cremations behind it, and the functioning of the furnace and hence the new construction has proved itself and is faultless.

The furnaces have a throughput 1/3 greater than I had foreseen.

To date, 8 three-muffle cremation furnaces are completed or under construction. A further 6 are being manufactured. I would therefore ask you to pay me the promised bonus as soon as possible.

Always gladly at your service,

Respectfully yours,

Kurt Prüfer
Herm[ann]. Göringstr[aße] 2

450 RM
Provision received