The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
BW 30b-30c/24: Konrad SIEGNITZ drawing 1361 of 14/10/1942
(Holzliste 659 u. 660) — (Timber lists 659 and 660)
Einäscherungsanlage im KGL Auschwitz
Binderquerschnitt, Lamellendach über Schleuse bzw.
Aufenthaltsraum, Draufsicht, Binderschnitt A-B,
Schnitt C-D
Cremation installation in the Auschwitz POW camp
Main beam cross-section, Lamellate roof over air lock
and prisoners' rest room, Plan view, Main beam section
A-B, Section C-D
[Drawing received by the Bauleitung 7/12/42]
BW 30/34A: File containing 14 rather pale blueprints of known drawings. Those
marked with an asterisk are clearer and more legible than the originals.
The list is as follows:
1. Bauleitung 1678 Kr IV
2. Bauleitung 1678 Kr IV *
3. Bauleitung 936 Kr II
4. Bauleitung 932 Kr II
5. Bauleitung 2136 Kr III *
6. Bauleitung 2136 Kr III
7. Bauleitung 2036 Kr IV *
8. Bauleitung 2197 Kr II *
9. Bauleitung 934 Kr II *
10. Bauleitung 1678 Kr IV
11. Huta 109/15 Kr II (Bauleitung 932)*
12. Huta 109/í6a Kr II (Bauleitung 933-934)
13. Huta 109/13a Kr II (?)
14. Huta 109/í4a Kr III (?)

Files containing documents other than drawings

BW 30/25: [Microfilm 1322] 15 pages.
Correspondence on the Birkenau Krematorien.
Letters exchanged between the Bauleitung and Messrs
Topf & Sons of Erfurt.
Page 15 lists the drawings produced for the construction of
Krematorium II (and III) by Huta of Kattowitz.
BW 30/26: 63 pages.
Correspondence on the four Birkenau Krematorien.
Pages 1-20: Huta estimates for the shell of Krematorium II,
with corrections by the Bauleitung.
Page 21 is the Bauleitung’s acceptance of 13th July 1942
of the Huta tender for the shell of the new Krematorium (II)
for the sum of 133,756.65 RM (page 22). In fact two mirror
image buildings were constructed (Kr II and III).
Pages 23 and 24 are concerned with the damp-proofing of
the building (subcontracted by Huta to Vedag of Kattowitz).
Pages 25-51 are estimates for work done by Huta on
Kr II and III.
Pages 52-58 are construction contracts for the chimneys
of Krematorien IV and V between the Bauleitung and
Messrs Robert Koehler of Myslowitz.
Pages 59-62: correspondence between the Bauleitung and
Messrs Konrad Siegnitz of Beuthen on the roof of the
future Kr IV.
Page 63 is concerned with an order of 16th February 1944
for 2 bottles of acetylene gas from the Vereinigte
Industriegaswerke, delivered on 18th [and which have nothing
to do with the Krematorien!].
BW 30/27: [Microfilm 130] 41 pages.
Correspondence on the Birkenau Krematorien and camp.
Photographs of documents seized by the Soviets in 1945:
letters exchanged between the Bauleitung and Topf
concerning the Krematorien. Several of the texts are in
Russian, having been somewhat roughly translated.
The Topf letter of 7th July 1943 concerning the furnaces for
Krematorien IV and V mentions their genesis and price and
the “Mogilev Contract”
Some of these documents, preserved in the “October Revolution”
State Archives in Moscow, are to be found on microfilm M 29
of the Warsaw Central Commission for the investigation of
Hitlerite crimes in Poland.
BW 30/28: [Microfilm 1256] 145 pages.
Timesheets concerning the construction of Krematorien IV and V:
shells by Messrs Riedel & Son of Bielitz;
chimneys by Messrs Robert Koehler;
drainage by Messrs Karl Falck of Gleiwitz;
some work on the furnaces was done by Messrs
Josef Kluge of Alt-Gleiwitz.
The Riedel & Son timesheet for Krematorium IV for 28th
February 1943 (page 73) has the entry “Fit gas-tight
shutters” and that for 2nd March (page 68) “Floor to be
covered with hard fill, tamped down and concreted in
gas chambers.”
BW 30/29: [Microfilm 1257] 66 pages.
Timesheets for work done by Messrs Josef Kluge.
Page 1 concerns one week’s work on Kr II in December 1943.
Pages 2-53 concern work on Krematorien IV and V from
1st February to 22nd March 1943.
Pages 54-66 concern worksite BW 45 [Hauptinsgemein]
in the women’s camp of BA.] and BA.III of the POW
camp and have nothing to do with the Krematorien.
BW 30/30: [Microfilm 1255] 97 pages.
Correspondence exchanged between the Bauleitung, Huta
and Vedag concerning the damp-proofing of Krematorien
II and III carried out by Vedag.
Pages1-85: damp-proofing of Krematorien II and III.
Pages 86-97: Huta static calculations for Krematorium II.
BW 30/31: [Microfilm 1258] 416 pages.
“Schlosserei” (metalworking shop) file.
Bauleitung orders issued in 1943-44 for equipment from
the Auschwitz DAW metalworking shop. Only a small
percentage of these orders concern the Birkenau
BW 30/32: 41 pages.
Correspondence exchanged between the Bauleitung and
Messrs Konrad Siegnitz concerning the roofs of the four
In this file there is mention of an “Abfertigungshalle für Transporte /
Clearance hall for transports,” [BW 48] at the beginning of June
1944 ("Hungarian Action")
BW 30/32A 14 pages.
Correspondence exchanged between the Bauleitung and Huta
concerning the cost of the shells of Krematorien II and III.
The last three pages are letters from the Bauleitung to the
WVHA-SS in Berlin concerning the “new Krematorium”
(the future Krematorium II).
BW 30/33: 20 pages.
Timesheets concerning drainage work carried out by Messrs
Triton of Kattowitz for Krematorien III and IV:
Pages 2-8: Summaries for 2nd to 9th June of work done on
Kr IV, BW 30b;
Pages 10-20: Timesheets for 2nd to 13th April concerning
Kr III, BW 30a
BW 30/34: [Microfilm 1060] 116 pages.
“Krematorium II u. III/BW 30 u. 30a, Schriftwechsel”
Correspondence on the genesis and construction of
Krematorien II and III.