The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 35
Photo 35:
[PMO neg. no 20995/475]
View of autoclave 1 and Topf disinfestation chamber 4 from which effects are being retrieved. This photo has the advantage of fully corroborating the letter from the Czech former prisoner. He said that coats were disinfected by hot air and the trolley emerging from chamber 4 is carrying coats Opposite autoclave 1, in the left corner of the photo is a heap of what might be ragged blankets. items classed as “light” and disinfected by steam.
Photo 36
Photo 36:
Present state of the recesses in the brickwork which contained the motors for the blowers mentioned on Topf drawing D. 60283. Dismantled after the war, they are visible, together with their control switches, on Photo 35.

The Zentral Sauna had at least eleven electric motors, the total power attributed to them being 15.0kW.