The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Page 56
Drawing 3: Bauleitung drawing 1293 of 9/5/1942
[PMO neg. No. 20932/3]
BE- UND ENTWASSERUNG DER ENTLAUSUNGSBARACKE IM KGL / Water supply and drainage in the delousing building of the prisoner of war camp
Scale 1:100
Drawn 9th May 1942 by prisoner No. 18356,
checked by Untersturmführer Eggeling on 11th May
and approved by Hauptsturmführer Bischoff the same day.
· Massstab / scale.
· Pumpenraum / pump room
· Schnitt a-b / cross section a-b (toilets)
· Schnitt c-d / cross section c-d (shower room)