The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Drawing 12
Drawing 12:
[PMO neg. no. 20943/8]
Bauleitung drawing 1855
Site plan of sewage treatment plant II of the Auschwitz POW camp, construction stage II, worksite 18,
scale 1:500,
Drawn by prisoner 68297 and checked on 24/11/42,
approved by Bischoff, head of the SS Bauleitung on 25/11/42
Checked by the civilian firm Südd [deutschlands] Abwassernninigungs GmbH (South German Waste Water Purification Co Ltd) of Ulm on 10/12/42.
The positions of the photographer for photos 10 and 12a are indicated on the drawing [34 and 36a].
Zeichenerklärung / Key
ungereinigtes Schmutzwasser / untreated dirty water
mechanisch gereinigtes — abwasser / mechanically purified waste water
mechanisch und biologisch gereinigtes Abwasser / mechanically and biologically purified waste water
Faulschlamm / Sludge
· Zaun des KGL / POW camp enclosure
· Vorflut KGL / POW camp drainage channel
· Schmutzwasserkanal / dirty water channel
· Grob[b]rechen / primary screening
· Sandfang / sand trap
· Faulgruben / decomposition beds
· Rohwasser ungereinigt / untreated dirty water
· Verdünnungsleitung / dilution channel
· Graben A / drainage ditch A
· Entwasserungsleitung / drainage channel
· Schlammleitung / sludge channel
· Feldbahn / narrow gauge railway
· Biological Tropfkörper / biological purification basins [with rotary sprays]
· Nachklärbecken / final decantation basin
· Pumpenhaus / pump house
· Verteilschacht für Verdünnung / dilution distribution well
· Schlamm-Faulbecken / sludge digestion basin [open-air]
· Schwimmschlammbecken / floating sludge basin
· mechanisch. gerein. Abwasser / mechanically purified waste water
· Hoch wasserdruckleitung / high water pressure conduit
· gereinigtes Abwasser / purified waste water
· Schlammleitung zum Trockenplatz / sludge channel to drying bed
· Hochwasserschutzdamm / high water protection dam
· Königsgraben / “King’s ditch”. [main drainage ditch]
· Zur Weichsel / to the Vistula
Drawing 1855 is not the final plan for Kläranlage II, but does show the actual locations of the main components of the station. The final decantation basin was to be transferred to the south of the station and replaced by a fourth biological purification basin. These 4 basins were never completed and remained as they are to he seen today (photographs in the Bauleitung Album: PMO neg. nos 20995/449 [Photo 12a], /450 and /452). The primary screening was modified and strengthened. The floating sludge basin was never dug. The purification station was coupled with 4 a “provisional” earth decantation or sedimentation basins to the west of the station (where the Ulm company’s stamp is on the drawing). Only the decomposition beds were ever brought into operation.