The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 15 Document 15:
[PMO neg. no. 10266]

Model made by the SS during the war showing the planned redevelopment of the old town of Auschwitz.

The main Street in this model is the present “Jaroslava Dabrowskiego” which leads from the only existing bridge over the Sola (left foreground). The old town (center) undergoes no great changes, retaining the same configuration as before the war. The castle remains on its mound (left foreground). On the other hand, the “Radiant Holy Virgin Mary” church, about fifty meters from the castle, on the same side of the road, was to be demolished. The Party forum [Decument 14] is just beyond the town center on the right of the main street. The components on the model are simplified und incomplete as compared with the drawings en Sheet VI F.

Document 16:
[PMO neg. no. 10267]

Partial view of another model built by the SS during the war showing the redevelopment of ono of the districts of the town of Auschwitz.

Judging by the contours on the model, this district was probable to the south of the city.
Document 16