The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
This empty basin, once filled with water, is of incalculable value to the revisionists, being clear proof of the existence of a SWIMMING POOL at Auschwitz concentration camp. There is no need to dwell on its importance. The presence of this installation is considered to be incompatible with the so-called “extermination”.

This basin was actually built as a reservoir for firefighting purposes, but was clearly adapted so that it could also be used as a swimming pool. The revisionists claim that the prisoners swam in it in summer. I ask them for photographic proof of this practice, for I am convinced that it was reserved for the SS. The presence of a swimming pool has no value as negative evidence against the gassings at Birkenau. In the yard behind Krematorium II there were football matches between the Sonderkommando and the SS. On the east side of Krematorium III there was a sports ground that enabled the Capos and Vorarbeiter to work off the excess calories they stole front the vast majority of prisoners who were constantly starved.

Photo 8 Photo 8:

Northeast end of the “firefighting reservoir / swimming pool” located between Block 6 and the southeastern barbed wire enclosure of the Stammlager (main camp) View of the low diving board.

Photo 9:

Overall view of the reservoir / swimming pool, looking east.
Photo 9

Photo 10 Photo 10:

The reservoir / swimming pool, looking southwest, with the high diving board at the far end.

Photo 11:

The high diving board, north-south view.
Photo 11

Photo 12 Photo 12:

The high diving board, north-south view. The take-off board itself is missing.