The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 4
Document 4

Document 4
Arrangement proposed for Krematorien of type II/III, explaining the WAR REFUGEE BOARD report and based on an Auschwitz Bauleitung drawing and contemporary photographs.

The rails are in blue and the route taken by the victims in red
KEY: A: Furnace room;
B: Ground floor waiting room:
B': Basement waiting room;
C: Gas chamber.
E: The “few steps”.
Cheminée / chimney

Document 8
Document 8

Document 8:
Krematorium II with the stable-type hut erected in the yard to serve as a provisional undressing room, as per drawing 2216 of 20/3/43.
In blue: the narrow-gauge rails running from Leichenkeller 2 in front of the furnaces.
In red: the path taken by the victims from the external undressing room to the gas chamber.
KEY: A: Furnace room;
B: Hut / temporary undressing room;
B': Leichenkeller 2 / permanent undressing room;
C: Leichenkeller 1 / gas chamber with three introduction devices.
e: Future location for access stairs to the basement undressing room
E: Access stairway to basement
R: Narrow-gauge rails