The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
[The criminal traces found in Files BW(worksite) 30b and 30c, Krematorien IV and V respectively,
are discussed together because the orders were as a rule issued for both buildings together.]
17. 12 Stuck gasdichlen Türen ca 30/40 cm
12 gas-tight doors approx 30 × 40 [4 mentions]
[File BW 30/31, incorrectly known as “Schlosserei”, (Bestellscheine des Zentral-Bauleitung, 1943), page 385]
[photo 19]

Order of 13/2143 for Krematorien IV and V of the KZL issued by the Central Construction Management to the woodworking shop of the Auschwitz Deutsche Ausrüslungs-Werke, to he delivered on 20/2/43:

“Anfertigung von:
12 Stück gasdichten Türen ca 30/40 cm genau wie bereits angefertigte in der Häftlingstischlerei mit Riegel u. Verschluss.”

Production of:
12 gas-tight doors approximately 30 × 40 cm exactly as already made in the prisoners' woodworking shop. with bolt and catch.”

Signed by the civilian employee Teichmann and countersigned by Bischoff. Received by the DAW on 15th February 1943.

Although the word “Türen / doors” is hardly suitable for openings of 30 by 40 cm, more the size of small windows, it was nevertheless used 4 times before the civilian workers of Riedel & Sohn, who had to fit some of them in the gas chambers of Krematorium IV, began to call them more correctly “gas-tight windows”. Each of the Krematorien had 6 such windows, while their gas chambers had 7 Zyklon-B introduction openings to be fitted. This discrepancy can be explained now (see point 22). It is apparent from the three windows remaining after the dismantling of Krematorium IV and the destruction of Krematorium V, that two types of “gasdichte Fenster” were made. The first, made in accordance with the order of 13th February 1943, required TWO operations for opening or closing, while the second required only ONE. This order is the first link in a chronological chain proving the existence of gas chambers in Krematorium IV, their rooms on the west side being fitted with gas-tight doors and windows.
17a. 12 Stück gasdichte Türen ca 30//40 cm
[File BW 30/31, page 385a]
[Photo 20]
Verso of the order of 13th February 1943
a) Production of door fittings by the DAW WL metalworking shop of 24th February 1943 with a description of the iron used to make them. [Photo 20, upper]
b) Production and assemhly of the “doors” by the woodworking shop on 25th February 1943. Gas-tightness was obtained through strips of felt [Filz] on both door and frame, some of this material being found on the three still remaining. [Photo 20, lower]
The 12 “doors” were delivered on 26th February 1943.
17b. Delivery note for the door fittings of 24th February 1943
[File BW 30/31, Page 386]
[Photo 21]
Filled in by the DAW administrative office, this note covered the transfer of the door fillings completed by the metalworking shop to the woodworking shop where the doors where made and assembled.

Photo 21
Photo 21