The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
10. Auskleideraum / undressing room
[File BW 30/25, page 7]
[Photo 4]
Cited for memory, this term is more likely to refer to Krematorium II than to III in view of the date of the document. It is nevertheless necessary to mention it in respect of Krematorium III as the letter of 6th March 1943 is concerned with both “Krem. II und III KGL, BW 30 u. 30a”.
11. Gastür / gas [tight] door 100 × 192 [Photo 8]
“Auftrag vom 6.3.43 über Lieferung einer Gastür 100/192 für Leichenkeller 1 des Krematoriums III, BW 30a … / order of 6/3/43 concerning the delivery of a gas[tight] door 100 × 192 for corpse cellar 1 of Krematorium III, worksite 30a…”
[File 30/34, pages 49 and 50, and Annex 3 to Volume 11 of the Hoess trial]
Letter of 31st March 1943, (already cited for Krematorium II under point 6) indicating clearly that Leichenkeller 1 of Krematorium III was fitted with a “gas door”. While it may conceivably be possible to contest the validity of the word “Gastür” in this document, an inventory annexed to the handover document of Krematorium III dated 24th June 1943 formally states that its Leichenkeller 1 had a “Gasdichtetür / gas tight door”, thus again conforming beyond doubt the meaning of “Gastür”.
12. Auskleidekeller [two mentions] / undressing cellar
[File BW 30/41, pages l0 and 11]
Photos 12 and 13]
In his timesheets (already cited for Krematorium II under point 5). MESSING, a fitter employed by Topf & Sons. noted that in the week 13th to 22nd April 1943 he worked on “Bauwerk 30a”, Krematorium III, installing the air extraction system in the “undressing cellar” or, according to other entries he made, in Leichenkeller 2. He indicates that “corpse cellar” 2 of Krematorium III had become an undressing cellar, as was the case in Krematorium II.
13. Flacheisen für (1)15 Stück Gastürbeschläge /
flat iron bar for (1) 5 sets of fittings for gas [tight] doors
[Photos 14 and 15]
[File BW 30/31, incorrectly called “Schlosserei”, order of 16th April 1943. The original document is no longer in the “metalworking”, file. It would appear that this is the only document missing, and that it has not been deliberately “mislaid” but, having been issued to a member of the Auschwitz Museum for study, has not yet been returned to the Archives. Photos 14 and 15 are those of Annex 14 of Volume 11 of the Hoess trial, giving a number of extracts from the black file containing orders from the “Zentralbauleitung” to the “Schlosserei” or issued by the latter.]
Metalworking shop order of 16th April 1943 for the iron required for the fittings for 5 gas [tight] doors for worksites BW 30a and 30b [Krematorien III and IV]

One order having been issued for the two Krematorien, it looks at first sight as if the number of doors destined for each cannot be established, but order 322 of the same date in the “Schlosserei WL” file makes it possible to allocate the 5 “Gastüre": 1 for Krematorium III, the 4 others for Krematorium IV.

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