The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
At the beginning of the “Faurisson trial”, Father G. Wellers had only TWO German documents as material proof of the existence of gas chambers in the Birkenau crematoriums: a letter of 29th January 1943 containing the word “Vergasungskeller” and another of 31st March 1943 concerning the delivery of “drei gasdichte Türe” for Krematorien IV and V and mention of an order for Krematorium III of one “100/192” identical to the one already installed in Krematorium II, refered to as “Kellertür … mit Guckloch aus doppelten 8 mm Glass mit Gummidichtung and Beschlag”.

As a result of the research triggered by the denial of the existence of homicidal gas chambers, further material evidence was found in the archives of the Auschwitz State Museum and the Warsaw Central for the investigation of Hitlerian crimes in Poland. The evidence found in the Bauleitung order book for work to be done by the DAW (German Equipment Works) and mentioning work completed in the metal [wor]king shop ("Schlosserei") had already been produced at the Faurisson trial, but without being exploited in any way. All the other evidence was hitherto unknown in France.

Recapitulatory Drawing

Part of an overall plan of the POW camp, Bauleitung drawing 2216 of 20th March 1943. [PMO neg. no. 20583]
· 1 Stck Handgriff für Gastür D 12 [mm] [ORDER]
· 1 Gasdichtctür [DESIGNATION]
· Eine Gastür 100/192 [cm] (Kellertür mit Guckloch aus doppelten 8 mm Glass mit Gummidichtung und Beschlag) [REMINDER OF ORDER]
· 10 Gasprüfer [ORDER]
· Vergasungskeller [DESIGNATION]
· Krematorium II: livré le… / officially handed over on 31st March 1943
· 4 Drahinetzeinschiebvorrichtung —
4 Holzblenden [DESIGNATIONS]
· Auskleidekeller (II) [5 DESIGNATIONS]
· Ausklcideraum [DESIGNATION]
· Auskleidekeller [2 DESIGNATIONS]
· Auskleideraum [DESIGNATION]
· Flachessen für (1)/5 Stück Gastürbeschläge [ORDER]
· Beschläge für 1 Stück Gastür [ORDER]
· 1 Gasdichtetür [DESIGNATION]
· 14 Brausen (dummy) [DESIGNATION]
· Eine Gastür 100/192 [cm] [REMINDER OF ORDER]
· Krematorium III: livré le … / officially handed over on 25th June 1943