The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
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[PMO file BW 30/43. page 1]

The deed of transfer dated 19th March 1943 by which Krematorium IV was handed over to the camp administration with effect from 22nd March. The signature on the left is that of the head of the Bauleitung, SS Major Bischoff. At the bottom of the page is the list of the five firms that had participated in the construction. The Bauleitung also specifically stated that where work had been carried out on own account using prisoner labour there was no guarantee. This point was vital and meant that the civilian firms were not liable if problems should arise. This is indeed what happened and Krematorium IV was soon shut down for good.

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[PMO file BW 30/43, page 2]

Explanatory report belonging to the handover documents of Krematorium IV, but dated 10th March 1944. The signature is that of SS Lieutenant Jothann, who succeeded Bischoff and was head of the Bauleitung in 1944. The last entry concerns construction time (Bauzeit) and states that the buildings are completed and in service and that building work started in November 1942. The fact that this document was produced extremely late — a year after the event — may explain the discrepency between the date given and that on which Huta actually started the work.
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