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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Bauleitung Drawing 2036(r.b) (A and B)

Drawing 2036(r.b.) (A) Bauleitung Drawing
2036(r.b) (A)

Bauleitung drawing 2036(r.b) (B)
Bauleitung drawing 2036(r.b) (B)

Bauleitung Drawing 2036(r.b) of 11th January 1943 This drawing was communicated by the Soviets in three parts. The two right hand parts (B) match up perfectly, but it is impossible to join the whole, for the left hand part (A) was reproduced on a different scale. Photographic reduction was tried, but this resulted in the loss of certain details (the handwritten inscriptions), so the author preferred to present the photographs of this version of 2036 as he received them.

(Editing Note: The two images were resized for this page using Photoshop CS. The images are now a very close match without any loss of detail.)