The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Konrad Segnitz drawing 1361 of 14/10/42
[PMO file 30b-30c/23, neg. no. 20946/7]

Einäscherungsanlage im KGL Auschwitz /
Cremation installation in Auschwitz POW camp
Mas. 1:100 u 1:20 / Scale 1:100 and 1:20
Drawn on 14th October 1942 by the building firm Konrad Segnitz of Beuthen for the Auschwitz Bauleitung
Attached to it were two timber lists (Holzliste 659 and 660) detailing materials required for the roof frames and covering.
This drawing was received by the Bauleitung on 7th December 1942.

Translation of inscriptions
(from top to bottom and left to right):
Binder Querschnitt / Cross section through truss
— Stosslasche innen / Splicing plate on the inside
— Futterhölzer / Supporting plates
Lamellendach über Schleuse bzw Aufenthaltsraum /
Lamellate roof over air lock and rest room
Draufsicht / Plan view
Binderschnitt A-B / Truss section A-B
Schnitt C-D / Section C-D

This first “complete” drawing of the future Krematorium IV is from a civilian source. Although its final length (67.50 m) was marked on drawing 1678 (67.65 m), the Bauleitung had not drawn the left hand section, 48 m long by 12 m wide. It now has six ventilation chimneys emerging from an unbroken expanse of roof, the westernmost part not being lower as in the following drawing 2036. The function of this huge room of 576 m² is not indicated.

Although Messrs Konrad Segnitz produced both the drawing and the timber lists, the roof was built by Industrie-Bau AG.