The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
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[PMO file BW 30/27,
page 7]

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3rd copy

To the
Waffen SS and Police
Central Construction Management
Auschwitz/East Upper Silesia Erfurt [Wednesday) 7/7/43
Subject: Your ref. Our division D IV
Your letter of 2nd incl. Corres. reg. Prf [Prüfer)
KL Auschwitz 31718/43/Jäh/Wb
KGL Krematorien IV and V
BX 30b and 30c
Attached please find for your information a photocopy of the contract letter from Reichsführer SS. Berlin, of 4.12.1941 and the carbon copy of our letter of 9.12.1941 confirming acceptance of the contract.

As can be seen from the contract and acceptance letters, four double four-muffle cremation furnaces were ordered from us for a total price of 55,200 RM or a unit price of 13,800 RM per furnace.

A letter of 26.8.42 from the SS Economic Administration Head Office, Berlin, requested us to divert 2 furnaces from the Mogilew contract to the Auschwitz Central Construction Management, which we duly did.

As you are not unaware, for this contract we had to build the f i r s t large capacity furnace. However, this installation necessitated several trips to Berlin for meetings with the Head Office. At a result of these

Document 3
[PMO file BW 30/27, page 6]
meetings, we frequently had to alter or add to our drawings; in addition we had to produce completely new moulds for the furnace frames, etc.

To cover these expenses we had reckoned on and incorporated 6% of the contract price. [Supplement already included in the 13,800 RM. which was the gross price of one of the four Mogilew contract furnaces].

Your telegram of 26.10.42 wanted to know the ex works price for these eight-muffle furnaces. For this we gave the price of 13,800 RM in which we had included the anchor irons for the furnace, an extra item that also coincidentally amounts to 6% = 828 RM.

Your letter of 10. 11.42 requested a price far the same furnace, but without anchor irons which we gave in our quotation of 16.11.42 as 12.972 RM. [13.800 — 828 = 12,972]

As you can see from the above, we reduced the Mogilew [13,800] price by 6%: [828] because first, we already had the drawings and molds available, and second, we assumed that you intended to buy another eight-muffle furnace from us.

However, as Auschwitz did not order 2 furnaces, as we had reckoned on, but as already mentioned, 2 furnaces from the Mogilew contract were installed at Auschwitz : we therefore invoiced you at the Mogilew price of
13,800 RM per furnace
[i.e. 13.800 (Mogilew price) — 828 (anchor irons) + 828 (reintegration of initial expenses) = 13,800)

Document 4
[PMO file RW 30/27. page 7]
7 7.43 -2-
Central Construction Management, Auschwitz

as per the letter from the Head Office. Berlin. We would like to point out that a half furnace — i.e. 4 muffles — was delivered to Mogilew on 30th December 1941. The remaining 1½ furnaces remain at the disposition of the Reichsführer SS. Berlin. We have asked several times that delivery be requested, so that we can free our stores [of them]. [3 4-muffle half furnaces remain in store at Erfurt]

As can be seen from our above explanation, our request is justified; there has not yet been any overpayment on your part nor through the Head Office. Berlin.
Heil Hitler!
[rubber stamp] J A Topf & Sons
IV [signed] Prüfer
pp [unknown signature]
2 carbon copies of this letter.
1 photocopy contract letter Reichsführer SS.
1 carbon copy our confirmatory letter of 9.12.41
[manuscript] Original letter and enclosures handed over to Civilian Worker Jährling to be dealt with. 14.7.43 [unknown initials]