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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Documents 29-33: Messing’s timesheets

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Document 34

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Document 34:
View of the south side of Krematorium II as it neared completion in early or mid-January 1943. In the foreground on the right is Leichenkeller I, the future gas chamber, whose construction is complete but has not yet been hidden by the earth bank. The traps for introducing the Zyklon-B have not yet been installed. The skylights in the Krematorium roof are under construction, as is the collective ventilation chimney on the ridge of the roof. The separate ventilation chimney (fresh air intake] of Leichenkeller 1 is completed and a man is working on the main ventilation chimney which has four air outlets. The furnaces are or have been working, as the snow has melted immediately above the furnace room.

It may be that the the only worker who can be seen — a civilian to judge by his clothes — is Messing.

Document 29: [Page 28 of BW 30/41].
Week from 8th to 14th March 1943:
· BW 30[Kr.II]. Entlüftungs-Leitung für AUSKLEIDEKELLER montiert. /
Worksite 30 [Kr.II]. Fitted the extraction duct for UNDRESSING CELLAR
· Be u. Entlüftungs Anlagen für L-Keller I. versuchsweise einprobiert. /
Preliminary test of the ventilation and extraction installations for C cellar 1.
· Entlüftungs-Anlagen AUSKLEIDEKELLER gearbeitet. Work on the air extraction installations of the UNDRESSING CELLAR. — Be u. Entlüftungsanlagen Keller I in Betrieb genommen. /
Ventilation and extraction installations of cellar I brought into service (13th March 1943].
· Emlüftungsleitung für AUSKLEIDEKELLER II gearbeitet. / Work on the air extraction ducts for the UNDRESSING CELLAR 2.
Document 30: [Page 26 of BW 30/41].
Week from 22nd to 28th March 1943:
· Bauwerk 30. Entlüftungsventilator vom AUSKLEIDEKELLER umgearbeitet und Blechrohrleitung verlegt. /
Worksite 30 [Kr.II]. Modified the air extractor fan for the UNDRESSING CELLAR and refitted the steel duct.
Document 31: [Page 25 of BW 30/41]
29th. 30th and 31st March 1943:
· (Bauwerk 30) Krematorium II. Entlüftungsanlagen AUSKLEIDEKELLER verlegt. /
Worksite 30 Krematorium II Refitted the air extraction installations of the UNDRESSING CELLAR.
Document 32: [Page l0 of BW 30/41].
Week from 12th to 18th April 1943:
· Bauwerk 30 [Kr.II]. Fahrstuhl repariert. /
Worksite 311 [Kr.II]. Repaired lift.
· Bauwerk 30a [Kr.III]. Entlüftungs-Anlagen für AUSKLEIDEKELLER montiert. /
Worksite 30a [Kr.III]. Fitted the air extraction installations for the UNDRESSING CELLAR.
· Entlüftungsableitung für Ofenraum. /
Air extraction duct for the furnace room.
· Drosselklappen eingebaut. /
Inserted butterfly valves.
Document 33: [Page 10 of BW 30/41].
19th. 20th and 21st April 1943:
· Entlüftungs-Anlagen im AUSKLEIDEKELLER Bauwerk 30a [Kr.III] montiert. /
Fitted the air extraction installation in the UNDRESSING CELLAR of Worksite 30a [Kr.III].