The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 14 Document 14
Photo by the author]
View of Leichenkeller 2 of Krematorium II. looking east-west and taken from above the “Vorraum.” At the far end is the access stairway [labelled “escalier d'accès”.] In the foreground an upright marker brick placed he the author.

Document 15
[Photo by the author]

In front and to the left of the brick is a hole whose position with respect to Leichenkeller 2 can he seen.
Document 15

Document 15a Document 15a
Inscription on the plan of Krematorium II: [15a]

Position of the photographer for documents 14 and 15

Document 16:
[Photo by the author]

Oblique view of the circular opening
Document 16

Document 17 Document 17:
[Photo by the author]

Close-up view of the opening in the ceiling, with the brick removed.

Document 18.
[Photo by the author]

View from above of the circular opening through which passed the air extraction duct of the Leichenkeller 2 / undressing room of Krematorium II. Its diameter is about 25cm.
Document 18