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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Photo 17 bis
Photo 17bis

Photos 17 bis and 17 bis a:
[PMO neg. no. 20995/460, Kamann series. A “Bauleitung Album” photograph, appearing
not under the heading “Krematorien”, but under “Prov. Erdklaranlage im KGL /
Provisional earth basic sewage plant in POW camp”.]
South/north view of the greater part of the south side of Krematorium II, probably taken in summer 1943.

As there has never been any camouflage around Krematorien II and III, except in the imagination of traditional historians, when Kamann photographed “Kläranlage I / Sewage treatment plant I”, he necessarily also photographed Krematorium II with its semi-basement gas chamber, given the proximity of the building to the decantation basins.

The Krematorium had already been at work, as we can see by the soot at the top of the chimney. On the left, on the roof ridge, is part of the collective air outlet chimney, now twice as high as on Photo 13.

Just below the 7th double window of the furnace room is the gas chamber with its Zyklon-B introduction chimneys scarcely visible. Under the 1st and 2nd windows, surrounded by a low wall, is the small yard where the ashes of the victims were thrown before being dumped in the Vistula or the Sola.

As compared with the inventory drawings of Krematorium II, an unplanned chimney has appeared for the heating stove of the room known as the Capo’s room, but which was in fact used by the SS. The tops of the windows of the Capo’s room and the adjoining furnace irons store bear the traces of a recent fire.

Photo 17 bis a is taken from the Album d'Auschwitz, already cited, with inscriptions by the author.

Photo 17 bis a
Photo 17 bis a

Translation of inscriptions:
· Façade sud du Krematorium II ou BW 30 / South side of Kr II or BW 30
· vue de la Kläranlage I ou station d'épuration I probablement à l'été 1943 / Seen from Kläranlage I or sewage treatment plant I probably in summer 1943
· Cheminée des ventilations / Ventilation chimney
· Orifices de versement du Zyklon-B / Openings for pouring Zyklon-B
· Chambre à gaz souterraine / Underground gas chamber
· Cheminée collective du Kr II avec suie /Collective chimney of Kr II with soot stains
· 1 à 7: les 7 fenêtres doubles de la sale des 5 fours à 3 creusets / 1 to 7: the 7 double windows of the room with the 5 3-muffle furnaces
· Cheminée ajoutée (chauffage pièce du capo) / Added chimney (heating for capo’s room)
· Pièce du capo (en fait des SS) avec traces d'une incendie / Capo’s room (in fact used by the SS) with traces of a fire
· Pièce des appareillages (ringards, etc.) / Furnace irons store
· Oeils de boeuf des WC douches / Bulls eye windows of WC shower room
· Pièce des médecins légistes détenus (Dr Nyiszli pendent l'été 1944) / Prisoner dissectionists' room (Dr Nyiszli during summer 1944)
· Rampe / The ramp
· Kläranlage I ou station d'épuration 1 / Kläranlage I or sewage treatment plant I