The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Bauleitung drawing 980
[PMO file BW 30/07, neg. no. 20922/1]
Entwurf für das Krematorium / Project for the crematorium
Werksatz / Roof frame
Krematorium: Scale 1:100
[Krematorium II of Birkenau POW camp]
Drawn on 3/2/42 by SS Sergeant Ulmer,
checked on 3/2/42 by SS Second Lieutenant Dejaco
and approved on 7/2/42 by SS Captain Bischoff

Underneath the identification block on this drawing in the reference 7015/IV, given by the civilian firm HUTA to Krematorium II during their study in the summer of 1942 of drawings of this building given to them by the Bauleitung.
Translation of inscriptions:
· Kaminverwahrung /chimney flashing.
· Sämtlich eingeschriebene Masse sind Rohbaumasse und sind vor Baubeginn zu überprüfen. Unstimmigkeiten sind sofort eu melden! / All dimensions given are rough figures and are to be checked before work begins. Any discrepancies are to be reported immediately!

This drawing is directly connected with the “930 series” for a new crematorium in the main camp. It was probably modified in April 1942 to suit the new site in Birkenau, but the changes would have been limited to the ventilation chimneys of the Krematorium:
a) Creation of a fresh air intake chimney for Leichenkeller 1;
b) Addition of three (or two) air outlet chimneys to the one (or two) already planned

The dimensions of the ventilation chimneys
shown on drawing 980 (left to right)
Chimney section (cm) Purpose
Left hand (fresh air intake)
1st 80x50 Leichenkeller I (future gas chamber)
Right hand (foul air extraction)
2nd 50 × 80 Leichenkeller 2 (future undressing room)
3rd 50 × 30 Dissecting and washing/laying out room
4th 50 × 84 Furnace room
5th 50 × 70 Leichenkeller 1(future gas chamber)
It should be pointed out that until 1980, the exact functions of the single air intake and the four air extraction chimneys were not precisely known, and the discovery of the timesheets filled in by the Topf & Sons fitter, Messing, who installed the Krematorien II and III ventilation systems, has entirely confirmed the hypotheses put forward by the author.