The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Drawing 932(r)
Drawing 932(r)

The follow modifications were made to adapt the Leichenkeller of Krematorium II to suit the new role of “special treatment":
1. An access stairway from the exterior to the undressing room (Leichenkeller 2) was built. In the meantime a hut erected in the Krematorium yard was used as a temporary undressing room in the second half of March 1943;
2. The direction in which the double door of Leichenkeller 1 opened was reversed (Drawing 2003 of 19/12/42, drawn hy Dejaco;
3. This double door was suhsequently reduced to a single, gas tight door;
4. The drainage system of Leichenkeller 1 was separated from the other drains in the west of the building and run direct to a sewer outside the building (drainage drawing, 1300, of 18/6/42);
5 . The efficiency of the Leichenkeller 1 ventilation system was tested after introducing Zyklon-B in March 1943;
6. A wooden wall was built in front of the corpse chute, which caused problems with passage from Leichenkeller 2 to Leichenkeller 1 (order 204 at 18/3/43 for Krematorium II, sent to the DAW workshops);
7. 4 heavy wire mesh columns with lidded chimneys above the roof for pouring Zyklon-B were installed in Leichenkeller 1 (PMO file BW 30/43. page 12);
8. 24 wooden dummy showers were installed in the ceiling of Leichenkeller 1 (PMO file BW 30/43, page 24 for the Krematorium III);
9. The 3 water tape in Leichenkeller 1 were removed (drawing 2197[b](r)).
10. Benches with clothes hooks on the wall above them were installed in Leichenkeller 2.
11. The area of Leichenkeller 3 was reduced (drawing 1311 of 14/5/42) then this morgue was eliminated altogether, having no use in the criminal context of Krematorium II (drawing 2003 of 19/12/42).
Dimensions and volumes of the Krematorium II and III LeichenkellerI
Leichenkeller 1 30.00 7.00 210 2.41 506
Leichenkeller 2 49.49 7.93 392.5 2.30 902.7
Leichenkeller 3 12.30 5.58 68.6 2.31 158.5