The Holocaust Historiography Project
Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 93 Document 93
[PMO neg. no. 1204]

The ruins of the waste incinerator room of Krematorium II being filmed, probably in summer 1945, by a Polish cameraman who also filmed the final stages of the clearing of Krematorium V. This film has not been found and remains unknown.

Document 94
[PMO neg. no. 936]

View of the ruins of the waste incinerator room of Krematorium II, looking east/west, in summer 1945.
Document 94

Document 95 Document 95
[PMO neg. no. 1203]

View from west to east to the ruins of Krematorium II. The photographer is standing in the north yard of the building, between the “formal garden” (on his left) and the undressing room (on his right), the soil that used to cover its roof being visible on the photo. In the background on the right are the barracks of Sector “b” of the first construction stage of Birkenau, designated B.1b.

Document 96
[PMO neg. no. 857]

West/east view of the ruins of the undressing room (Leichenkeller 2) of Krematorium II. The photographer is standing on the top steps of the western access stairway. The roof has collapsed onto the floor. Certain supporting pillars have collapsed completely while others have pierced the roof. On each side of the undressing room are the heaps of earth removed from the roof. At the far end are the remains of the furnace room.
Document 96

Document 97 Document 97
[PMO neg. no. 858]

South/north view of the ruins of the gas chamber (Leichenkeller 1) of Krematorium II, taken from its southern end. Bottom left is one of the four openings, its chimney dismantled, through the Zyklon-B was poured. In the foreground, the roof is resting on a pillar that withstood the explosion. The black parts of the roof are the places where the protective layer of concrete has cracked and exposed the layer of bituminous damp-proofing material.