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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 56
[PMO file BW 30/30, page 3 (original ) to, and BW 30/34, page 65 and (file copy)]
Document 56

Auschwitz, 4th May 1943
Correspondence register no. 28095/43/Ja/L

Subject: Krematorium II (I) and III (II), Damp proofing work
Reference: Letter Dz/Wi of 12/4/43
Enclosure: —

Messrs Huta
Civil Engineers
Friedrichstraße 19

With reference to the above mentioned letter, we would inform you that the Bauleitung agreed at the time to the suggestion by damp proofing foreman Krause of Messrs Vedag that the damp-proofing should be in a single layer. In view of the extreme urgency of the work and the suggestion made by foreman Krause, the Bauleitung did not consider it necessary to refer back to your firm. The damp-proofing expert who has replaced foreman Krause, who has in the meantime been called up in the Wehrmacht, has told the Bauleitung that the 2 year guarantee for the damp-proofing of the cellars can be given only if there are at least two layers of damp-proofing material.

The Bauleitung agrees that the damp proofing of the floors of the other cellars shall be in two layers provided that your firm will give a 2 year guarantee in this case. For the work already done with a single layer of damp proofing the Bauleitung waives the 2 year guarantee. You are nevertheless hereby requested to immediately submit to the Bauleitung an additional quote for damp proofing:
1. in one layer.
2. in two layers,
Head of the Auschwitz Waffen SS and
Police Central Construction Management
[signed] Bischoff
SS Major
To Herr Dr! b.R
The prices for 2 layers appear on the main quote!
for a single layer the price is to be determined
[initialed] 7/5