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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 39
[PMO file BW 30/25, page 8]
Document 39

[illegible] BW 30 and 30a
Correspondence register im. 45269/Kir/Lm
Auschwitz, 25/3/42
Summary record
Subject: Visit by two representatives of Messrs Topf & Sons. Erfurt Chief Engineers Prüfer and Schulze
Reference: Telegraphed summons with a view to eliminating the faults in Krematorien II and III at Auschwitz POW Camp [Birkenau]
Place and Date: Auschwitz Waffen SS and Police Central Construction Management 24/3 and 25/3/1943
Krematorium II

Since the three forced drought installations have not given satisfaction in any respect. and even suffered damage after the first real utilization because of too high temperatures, they are to be dismantled at the expense of Messrs Topf & Sons and taken back by that firm. The ZBL [Zentral Bauleitung] counts on the fact that it will suffer no loss of material and that the corresponding quantity of iron will be posted to its credit [this concerns the materials rationing]. The ZBL will take the three electric motors (each of 15 HP) with their connections, switch and starter, provided they have not been damaged by the high temperatures. The hot air supply installation for Leichenkeller I [1] must he eliminated because of this modification, and the materials will be stored by the ZBL (in the Bauhof]. In place of the wooden blower for the air extraction installation of Leichenkeller I [1], a cast iron blower has been chosen. The ZBL will assume the additional cost of the blower housing. For the 5 three-muffle furnaces, the coffin [!] charging trolley will be replaced by corpse stretchers: the trolley will be stored by the ZBL. Installation of the Demag goods hoist transport platform will be effected by a Topf fitter.

Krematorium III

In view of the experience with Krematorium II, the forced draught installations planned and delivered will not be installed, but will be stored by the ZBL. (For use in the district heating plant).

[initialled by Bischoff]
[signed] Kurt Prufer
1 Messrs Topf
1 Machine store
2 Files
1 Register POW camp BW 30