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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 37
Document 37
[PMO neg. no. 21004]

Situation plan of the POW camp, Auschwitz Upper Silesia [Birkenau]
Scale 1:2000
Drawing 2216
Drawn by prisoner 538
and checked by Dejaco and Janisch on 20/3/43
Approved by Bischoff on 1/4/43

There are several prints of this plan, which was used by the Soviet Commission in 1945 to situate the Birkenau Krematorien.

One of these prints, classified by the Soviet Commission as the 8th drawing, is preserved in the PMO Archives, now canvas backed and classified under neg. no. 20583.

The Soviet Commission used essentially only EIGHT Bauleitung drawings of the Birkenau Krematorien, seven concerning Krematorien II and IV and an overall plan of the camp, that reproduced here.

The Commission attributed the numbers 1 to 8 as follows:
1. Drawing 933 of 19/1/42 [Kr II]
2. Drawing 934 of 15/1/42 [Kr II]
3. Drawing 1173-1174 of 15/1/42 [Kr II]
4. Drawing 932 of 23/1/42 [Kr II]
5. Drawing 1311 of 14/3/42 [Kr II]
6. Drawing 1678 of 14/8/42 [Kr IV]
7. Drawing 2036 of 11/4/43 [Kr IV]
8. Drawing 2216 of 20/3/43 [Overall plan]
The wooden hut installed in the north yard of Krematorium II served as an undressing room until 30th March 1943, and was dismantled.