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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 21
[PMO file BW 30/27, page 17]

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Correspondence register no. 47 Geh/42/Er/L
Auschwitz 18/12/1942
Subject: Completion of Krematorien
SS Economic and Administrative Head Office
Head of Amtsgruppen C
SS Brigadier General and Waffen SS Major General
Dr Ing [Engineer] Kammler

Berlin Lichterfelde West
Unter den Eichen 126 135

During the month of December, work had to he interrupted several times for delousing and disinfestation. Also, starting on 16th December, for security reasons, there was a special action among all the civilian workers.

Because the camp has been isolated, civilian workers have not been able to leave the camp for 6 months [incorrect: since mid-July, i.e 5 months]. A period of leave from 23/12/42 to 4/1/43 is therefore essential.

In view of the circumstances, the expected completion dates, assuming weather conditions remain favorable and that personnel remain unchanged, are as follows
Krematorium II 31/1/1943
Krematorium III 31/3/1943
Krematorium IV 28/2/1943
Head of the Auschwitz Waffen SS and Police
Central Construction Management

[signed] Bischoff
SS Captain
1. SS Second Lieutenant Ertl
2. SS Second Lieutenant Janisch
3. Registration

For Archives [manuscript] POW camp general file
[unidentified initials]