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Auschwitz, by J.-C. Pressac
Document 14
Document 14
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Auschwitz Concentration Camp Auschwitz 12th August 1942
Special Order
A case of indisposition with slight symptoms of poisoning by hydrocyanic gas which occured today makes it necessary to warn all those participating in the gassings and all other SS members that in particular on opening rooms used for gassing SS not wearing masks must wait at least five hours and keep at a distance of at least 15 meters from the chamber. In addition, particular attention should he paid to the wind direction.

The gas being used at present contains less odorous warning agent and is therefore especially dangerous.

The SS garrison doctor declines all responsibility for any accident that should occur in the case where these directives have not been complied with by SS members.
Signed: Höß
SS Lieutenant Colonel and Commandant
For files
[unidentified signature]
SS Captain and Adjutant
7 to SS T Stuba 1 each to:
7 Administration SS Hosp;, HWL, DAW, Radio station
3 Store Telegraph station
2 Construction Management Telephone exchange
2 Political Section SS Canteen
1 9th SS T Stuba Transport Section
1 Agriculture KL Labor Office
1 Stables Women’s KL Labor Office
1 Protective Detention Camp Detachment VI
1 Women’s KL (concentration camp) External Service Station of the WI
1 Legal Officer Office
1 Personnel Division Zeppelin Special Kommando
1 Waffen SS House